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Concept and benefits of Raja Yoga

Raja is known as King. A king takes actions with self-confidence, independence and assurance. Similarly, a Raja Yogi is self-sufficient, fearless and independent. Raja Yoga is simply a way of practice and self-discipline. Raja yoga is all the more prominently known as Ashtanga yoga, or the "eightfold way" that prompts profound freedom. Antiquated Sanskrit writings [...]

Concept and benefits of Mantra Yoga

The word mantra originates from the Sanskrit, "mantrana", which means proposal. Mantras are holy, powerful words, which yield huge outcomes in the physical, mental and otherworldly dimensions, when recited with fixation and dedication. The recitation of mantras, known as japa, lies at the very heart of Hindu practice. Concentrating the psyche on Divinity as a [...]

Practicing Yoga Before Bedtime

  The practice of yoga is about a mind-body connection, referring to an embracing awareness of emotions, thoughts, and physical surroundings of your body. The benefits of yoga extend beyond your time in the studio stretching out your sore muscles. The principles and values embedded in yoga can function as life lessons and practical guidelines [...]

Concept and benefits of Bhakti Yoga

The word bhakti originates from the Sanskrit of "bhaj" which intends to persevere through an association with the incomparable power or to worship and adore the omnipotent. Bhakti or love is the profound and extreme endless relationship of our spirit with the perfect. Bhakti Yoga reasoning emerges from the Ancient Vedic instructing of yoga such [...]

Concept and benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the tradition of yoga which most commonplace to Western culture. The term is gotten from the Sanskrit ha, signifying "sun," and tha, signifying "moon." The workout expects to join the receptive and active qualities spoken to by each divine being. Hatha yoga is a well-known custom that strengthens balance, strength and flexibility. [...]

Concept and benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga, now and then alluded to as Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, is a style of yoga that was founded by T. Krishnamacharya and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the twentieth century. They guaranteed it began from an arrangement of Hatha yoga portrayed in the old content, the "Yoga Korunta." Used in this unique circumstance, the [...]

Grace and Upaya

The Gherand Samhita states that, “Samadhi, the supreme yoga, is attained by great merit earned previously. It is achieved by the grace of the guru and by devotion to him. That yogi soon acquires this exquisite experience, who is convinced by what he has learnt and heard from his guru, who has developed self-confidence and [...]

5 Ways You Fall in Love with Your Body with the help of Yoga

Yoga is an incredible practice with its advantages broadening more distant than what occurs on your tangle or contemplation pad. Yoga acquaints you with things that were already obscure to you and opens your eyes to quite a lot more that were directly before you yet never took note. Yoga can accomplish something other than [...]

Top 5 yoga poses to get relief from back pain

The back is the most sensitive part of the human body. With busy lifestyles, a lot of us suffers from back pain. There are multiple reasons behind back pain. It might be due to poor posture from sitting the whole day or a weak core. These are two main factors which contribute to the discomfort and back aches. [...]

Yoga Improve Stress Management

Why yoga? Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Stress the major problems in today’s world. With the strong growing world, the life has become very hectic - the long working hours, the pressure of family, lack of sleep as trying to accomplish too much work in few waking [...]