Accommodation Available at Upaya Yoga

Upaya Yoga Teacher Training School offers an environment for those seeking complete tranquility right on the beach. It caters to individuals who wish to focus on their inner and professional journey without compromising the enjoyment of beach life. Our school provides the perfect blend of serene surroundings and a conducive atmosphere for both personal and professional growth, ensuring a harmonious experience by the sea.



The location of Upaya is inherently magical and unique. Our Yoga school in Goa is situated in a truly enchanting setting, nestled between the river and the beach. Surrounded by lush coconut trees, the early morning and sunset classes immerse your senses in the beauty and energy of nature, creating an unforgettable experience during your practice at Upaya Yoga. The serene backdrop enhances the overall ambiance, adding a touch of natural splendor to your yoga journey.


Surrounding Us

Another compelling aspect of our ideal location is the vibrant surroundings of Arambol. The renowned Arambol Beach offers a diverse array of experiences, from eclectic shops and lively restaurants to vibrant bars and colorful Indian markets with easy access to ATMs. Whether you choose to unwind on our beach or explore the lively vicinity, your free time at Upaya is sure to be well spent. The dynamic atmosphere of Arambol complements the tranquil setting of our yoga school, providing a perfect balance for your overall experience.



Ensuring your safety is a top priority for us. Therefore, our premises are under 24-hour surveillance, providing a secure environment. You can rest assured that both you and your belongings are safeguarded, eliminating any concerns about potential danger or risk during your time at Upaya.