Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a framework for community practice with unsurpassed quality in training. Our aim isn’t for students to graduate as mediocre teachers, we inspire practitioners to gain an in-depth knowledge of the program and understand the integration of all of its functions. The path of a yoga teacher is a challenging one. Our gurus at Upaya Yoga love to guide students with care offering tools for growth. Learning the curriculum is just a part of the teacher training program, we also put great emphasis on communication skills and practical work during classes so students have the perfect environment to explore and quench their curiosity throughout the process. Our team of teachers at Upaya Yoga are determined to make this journey a memorable one.


We believe that the path to connecting with a higher being begins by finding the inner sanctuary in you while adopting a yogic lifestyle. Our primary focus is on building strong foundations, for which we have on board some of the most highly skilled and experienced gurus in our centres.

The classes at Upaya Yoga are designed carefully, limiting to two a day, to keep pace with the progress of all students and ensuring that they are stress free. All classes are specially designed by our instructors to meet individual requirements prioritizing the balance of body, mind and soul.


Upaya Yoga


Mental and spiritual contentment!


Meditation, and connecting with the self


Personal attention and perfect alignment

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200 Hrs.

...the path to transforming


is a lifetime process of learning

300 Hrs.

We aim to deliver unsurpassed knowledge to all our aspiring yogis and teachers.

Yoga Teacher Training

Why YTTC with Upaya Yoga? Upaya Yoga strives to bring the perfect balance of physical, mental and spiritual contentment in its classes.

The program

Our Teacher Training Course is certified by Yoga Alliance USA. The program involves an immense detail in the curriculum, where you can absorb precise alignments and variations with the help of assistants present to guide you instantly.

Yoga Retreat

The charm of the retreat centre will bring space to open you into a certain calmness and is the perfect place to explore yoga and meditation.

Connecting with the self

Upaya Yoga Retreat is available in Upaya Yoga Beach Resort, Arambol beach, Goa. Established among beautiful tropical foliage there are communal spaces for eating and relaxing and secluded spaces for meditation, and connecting with the self.

Yoga Internship

We are happy to announce our special Internship Program for our graduates.

Supportive environment

Upaya Yoga family has skilled gurus and yogis teaching in a supportive environment and gives the students an opportunity of one on one interaction. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you choose the right program.

Yoga School in India

Many who practice or study yoga are often tempted by the idea of traveling to study yoga teacher training course in India. Why India? Because this is the land where yoga was born over 5000 years ago. India is an ancient land with a vast and rich cultural heritage. It has given humanity some priceless gifts, including the sister sciences of yoga and Ayurveda. Today, both disciplines are practiced by millions all over the globe.

We expertise in a growing number of Yoga Study Programs, Teacher Training and other Yoga TTC at Upaya Yoga. Yoga impact people’s lives in a powerful way: awakening meaningful connections within their bodies, uplifting spirits, increasing flexibility, strength and health, relieving stress.

India’s open source gift to the world

Why Yoga TTC In India with Upaya Yoga?

Upaya Yoga strives to bring the perfect balance of physical, mental and spiritual contentment in its classes. We aim to deliver unsurpassed knowledge to all our aspiring yogis and teachers. At Upaya, you will get to work with expert yogic gurus and learn techniques and skills to help you bloom into the teacher you aspire to be and for this we conduct our classes in an idyllic and tranquil environment. Our Teacher Training Course is certified by Yoga Alliance USA. The program involves an immense detail in the curriculum, where you can absorb precise alignments and variations with the help of assistants present to guide you.

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I had few classes with the amazing yoga teacher Krishna during my stay in Arambol beach in Goa. These few classes were unforgettable and Krishnas presence and teachings skills are the best. Krishna is very precise and he is not farad to tell you when you are doing something wrong, and thereafter help you to do it right. He is a pusher and will push you to do more that you believed you can which was an amazing feeling. I was so happy with Krishnas classes and I would recommend everyone to do yoga with him. He really is the best teacher I have had and I feel blessed having had the chance to learn from him.
Petra, Sweden
The atmosphere is one to fall in love with. Both students and teachers are there with a smile and kind words. As a student I feel cared for and seen, and the teachers are both professional and down to earth. A perfect place for real yoga.
Kari Elisabeth Nordgård, Norway
I decided to join the one month yoga teacher training course not only for the certificate, but more importantly I wanted to find out my real feelings about yoga. The whole month, we did a lot of practice everyday. It was tough and sometimes I was really exhausted but I was very happy. I have to say it can not be a more right decision to go there. I have made new friends and learned a lot, not only yoga asanas but also new attitudes towards life. It seems that yoga opens a new window in front of me. I love yoga and I would like to share it with everyone.
Hui Hui Yung, China
This ttc gave me a good basic to start my work as a yogateacher. It showed the many different sides of yoga. The diversity of yogateachers was good, and there was a lot of knowledge to absorb. The body felt great after doing so much yoga in one month. It is nice that this ttc is for everybody, and everybody will get benefits of it, no matter if you are a starter or advanced. It was good to have this ttc as a basic, and be able to build further from her.
Saskia heringa tønne, Norway
I have had yoga classes with Krishna. 
Softens a rigid body. 
Top strength and balance well. 

Recommended 🙂
Kalle Eilertsen, Norway
I recommend everyone to try yoga with Krishna! Excellent and varied trainings 🙂
Marte Taylor, Norway
It did not matter that I was in bad shape and had some pain when I started. Krishna is good to incorporate and adapt so that it is possible to take it at your own pace. He put much emphasis on preventing injury and overloading, especially in the beginning, and now the body is virtually painless! . There was great energy in the studio and in class, and I felt welcome right away. We learn a lot while we’re at it, and there are still lots of laughter and good mood, while we push ourselves as far as we are getting into. Every time I stuff something new and get some more, and it is inspiring to see that the other master more and more. Soon I stand on your head … 

Thank you for challenging, great hours and good teaching, Krishna!
Christine Holtan, Norway
Very good yoga classes! 
Absolutely incredible that we have been lucky enough to get a professional Indian yoga teacher to Steinkjer.
Merete Mork , Norway
I’ve just completed my 200hr yoga teacher training with Upaya Yoga & I am deeply humbled & grateful for the experience & teachings. This experience has changed my whole view of teacher training & what it means. I thank Krishna Sharma & the other teachers for sharing their gifts. My journey into yoga is only now beginning. Teaching will simply be the by-product. Thank you
Dina Aherne, England
I felt welcome at Upaya Yoga. I can really say that my colleagues and my instructors were, for a month, my family away from home. I felt taken care of, and the knowledge I gained during the course was varied and enriching. When I compared the things I had learned at Upaya Yoga with the things other people learned in other yoga teacher trainings, I realized that I had made a good choice when I picked Upaya Yoga. All the instructors did their best sharing their knowledge with us, and their teachings were both informative and inspiring.

 Yoga teacher training Course in Goa, India

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