Nowadays, the real meaning of yoga has been mislaid in translation, sometimes even to the point that it becomes just only a physical exercise where everyone wants to push their bodies to unnatural limits.

Yoga is a holistic practice that includes all aspects of life, including diet as well as the study of philosophy. Yoga is not only about being healthy and fit, but it’s also about how you live. It helps us not only find out who we are but also how to relate to others and live life to the fullest.

India is the birthplace of yoga and offers an opportunity to live and breathe real yoga. In India, there are many teachers who are having extensive knowledge of the Yoga Sutras.

With International Yoga Day (June 21), Yoga is now becoming an annual festival for fitness & meditation. Yoga has gained attention globally like never before. Most institutions are making it compulsory, and gyms have introduced yoga classes in between aerobics and Zumba. But if you are really serious about yoga and want to take your practice to the next level, then you should complete a course at some of these yoga schools in India. Yoga teacher training course in India has a variety of options: from short term courses for beginners to long term courses to become yoga instructors.

We at Upaya Yoga offer a breath-based instructor training, which means your breath will guide you toward the proper posture. This improper use of the muscles involved in breathing, such as the diaphragm leaves other muscles strained with overuse, a prime physiological reason for muscle stress injury. However, the yoga sutras also state that a poor, undeveloped breathing pattern is a powerful source of numerous psychological problems as well. Therefore, along with the proper poses and counterposes, specific pranayama is taught to bring the body into perfect equilibrium. Postural adjustment through yoga asana is a traditional and unique scientific practice. Yoga teachers and therapists with knowledge of this specific technique can help practitioners use their bodies in a more balanced and correct way, both in their yoga practice as well as daily life. Additionally, At Upaya Yoga students will be taught the importance of a proper muscle warm-up to prevent injury.

At Upaya Yoga, Students are coming from all over the world to learn TTC courses and Retreat Program. This includes countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Norway, Canada, and many more. We’re proud to be a leading yoga teacher training school in India and are happy to discuss whether we’re a fit for you.

Our programs are the culmination of exquisite locations, outstanding vegetarian / vegan food and irreplaceable community. Your stay will be memorable and hassle-free.


One dreams of the perfect location when it comes to learning yoga that speaks of tranquility and peace. Goa is a perfect and idyllic infusion of such an environment, the breathtakingly beautiful azure beach and salty air will envelop you into a certain calmness of the soul. You are in for a world of experience in Goa. The blissful environment will encourage your skills to develop and is thus, by far, one of the most popular yoga retreat destinations in the world. There is a beauty in connecting with the self in such a pure and unadulterated setting when the only sound is the sea. The natives of Goa are heart-warming people and speak English among other prevalent languages. Goa exuberant love which makes is one of the most favored destinations for yoga training. Upaya Yoga Center is located at Arambol Beach, nestled in the shade of palm trees and tropical fauna just a one minute walk to the sea.

Why you should enroll in this course?

  • Get proficiency in Yoga by high-caliber instructors
  • Spend a full month living and breathing yoga
  • Feel an unprecedented connection with nature

At Upaya Yoga you’ll learn:

  • Yoga in best surrounding nature
  • TTC courses from an effective and inspiring instructor
  • Modify poses to accommodate injuries or limitations
  • The process to inspire and motivate your students
  • Use the body in a therapeutic way in yoga practice & daily life.
  • Deal with physical injuries in a yoga class
  • Establish a regular meditation practice and guide others in proper meditation.

Is certification provided by Upaya Yoga valid internationally?

At Upaya Yoga, we certified you by of the largest and most-trusted alliance internationally. We use this third party accreditation agency to ensure our quality and international standards are met.