We Support You To Learn Yoga

Yoga means union, and we aim to unite as many people as we can through this practice. At Upaya, we believe that Yoga should be accessible to everyone, regardless of status, level or income. The cost of training should not be a barrier to an eager student fulfilling their desire to become a teacher. If you’re passionate, hardworking and have a burning desire to learn and grow as a yogi, and as a person overall, we encourage you to apply for our scholarship program!

Thus, we have taken this initiative to reflect our commitment towards keeping our fees as low as possible with sustaining a high level of teaching, food & accommodation. We designed our scholarship program inspired by all those wishing to make yoga a career and spread the art form by becoming teachers. Accepted applicants will be allowed to attend all the regular classes of 200 hrs YTTC including lifetime membership of Upaya Yoga.

Who is Eligible?

  • Consistently practicing Yoga for a minimum of one year or more.
  • Committing to an attendance of more than 90% during his/her training.
  • Open to different Karma Yoga programs (physical help inside Ashram and with various humanitarian projects).
  • In real need of financial assistance for pursuing learning of Yoga.

How Does It Work?

We intend the scholarship holders to gain the same training that we offer our regular students with the same sort of shared accommodation and foods. We believe that students undergoing such a scholarship program can propagate the essence of yoga with the same passion and devotion by learning the course in its entirety. As a principle of generality, we have kept our scholarship program open to all irrespective of their background, occupation, educational qualification, and financial status. We sincerely hope to select only those aspirants who have developed a devotion to learning Yoga and an aspiration to spread this knowledge by sharing it with others. All learning materials and Yoga Training will be absolutely free of any cost for such scholarship programs. If you feel that a scholarship program is for you and would like to be considered for a place, please write to us explaining ‘why you consider yourself suitable for a scholarship with Upaya Yoga’ and send it to krishna@upaya-yoga.com

When writing a mail to us, please don’t forget to include these important details:

  • Full name
  • Address and phone number
  • Name of your school
  • Country, City & State

Last but not the least, we request you to understand that this is a Partial Scholarship program and that you should be able to contribute to cover your food and accommodation costs along with your travel arrangement while we take care of your course fee. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed by the panel of our highly revered yoga gurus and the decision will be communicated within 3 days from the date of application.

What Should You Pay

We request you to pay a nominal fee to cover the food and accommodation costs and you will benefit from a discounted rate on the course fee.

The above cost includes clean and comfortable shared accommodation as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner, training, attending of Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Welcome & Good Bye special lunch & dinner.

Terms & Conditions

  • On completion of the course, you will receive a Yoga Teacher Training certification from the Yoga Alliance.
  • The cost for food, accommodation, and excursions remains as mentioned for the entirety of the course. No further discounts can be made.
  • All bookings should be made in advance and secured with a deposit of 300 EURO (non-refundable and deductible from the final amount).
    Classes, study material, and Yoga Certification are supplied free of charge.
  • Accommodation will be an EcoHut hared with one other person (of the same gender). As part of the course, you are required to take this accommodation.
  • Participants will be tasked with Karma yoga duties during their stay (helping with the upkeep of the school and local community projects).
  • A visa for India is required to enter the Country.
  • Flights and transportation charges and bookings are the responsibility of the student.
  • We don’t provide food on Saturday evening & the entire day on Sundays at our Goa center. Students can enjoy the food on the weekend at nearby restaurants. We also don’t provide lunch on Opening ceremony and dinner on Closing ceremony at Goa Center.