Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Goa

We are excited to announce the dates for our wellness retreat program starting on the 23 of November  to 27 November 2022.
This retreat is an ideal place to express love for yoga & well-being so that we can re-establish the connection to our true selves.
This program is designed to experience a deep understanding of your body and mind through the various yogic techniques and practices.
 We would like to call it an effort towards loving ourselves more and learning to be kind towards everything and everyone around us.
To make actions that are nurturing to us and the people around us.
To realize the joy, we hold within ourselves and be immersed in it.
The goal behind creating this retreat is to bring attention to ourselves which is most of the time directed towards outer things.
This retreat will be an effort to cut the noises of life’s daily hustle and bring our attention closer to learning an ancient way of healing.
This is Yoga and wellness presented to you in an easy-going, fun, and interactive way.
These five days program focuses on aspects such as:
●    Hatha Yoga – understanding our body through asanas and learning to keep it healthy and safe.
●    Pranayama – understanding the breath and its dynamics to create a better impact on our nervous system.
●    Yoga Nidra – taking the awareness deeper through psychic sleep to relax at the physical, emotional, and mental levels.
●    Meditation (Dhayna) – mindful practices to connect and become a witness within.
●    Sound Healing – soothing ourselves through sound and putting our busy minds at ease.
●    Yoga Therapy – understanding the healing attributes of the practices to sustain a healthy body and mind.
●    Acro Yoga – to have the best time on the beach and make friends.
After doing this retreat, the understanding that you gain of your body and mind helps you to find freedom within.
The breathing practices and yoga Nidra help you become relaxed and find more ease.
The meditation practices take you closer to yourself and make you feel alive and joyous.
The practices of yoga therapy integrated into your daily routine will help you avoid injuries and create an understanding for taking care of it better.
Join us for an experience that you cherish.

These classes are always in the early morning and will give you the right boost to begin the day at the best of your energy. We invite you also to benefit of our delicious meals as an opportunity to enjoy a healthy vegetarian diet along with many other yogis from all over the world. This yoga retreat is a wonderful opportunity to practice yoga with high skilled teachers; relax and recharge in a safe and stimulating environment; enjoy the beach life with no hassles and the maximum comfort!

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