To explore yoga in Goa is an experience which any yoga lover should try at least once.

As one of the smallest and more recent State in India, Goa offers the opportunity to experience the local culture, traditions and tropical Nature in the smoothest and safest way.

The kindness and sympathy of the people make of Goa a welcoming home for all its visitors. The melting- pot of cultures enriches the spirit and the mentality of the place and explains the presence of a stable and animated community of foreigners. Especially the North- Goa, where we are based, testifies the successful encounter between East and West. Naturally, this meeting finds its best form into Yoga.

The calmness and the hospitality make of Goa an excellent choice for a yoga retreat.

A yoga retreat center in Goa India is the best gift for anybody who wishes to slow down, restore and perhaps reinvent himself in the motherland for spirituality.

Our retreats are a unique blend of a genuine variety of ingredients to satisfy different tests and needs.

The retreats are meant to offer relaxation, pleasure and knowledge on the waste field of yoga. They are a secure way to bring well-being, satisfy curiosities and get a new glimpse on yoga.

While vivid sunsets on the immense sand beach take your breath away, you can pause your life, at the sound of the Ocean, to reconnect body, mind and soul.


Pure Yoga Retreat

(Bring A Friend – GET €100 OFF)

spiritual wellness retreat

The fundamental purpose of 7 days Yoga Retreat Program is to experience the state of Spiritual Wellness. All the components of yoga whether Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Meditation are designed to experience spiritual wellness. Read More

Rejuvenating Retreat

(Early Bird Offer – GET €100 OFF)

rejuvenatig retreat

An intense seven days retreat designed to rebalance and restore your natural energy level. The daily practice of yoga and meditation will reawaken body and mind and will reconnect you with the inner self. The retreat promotes a healthy and refreshing routine which you can bring home and integrate in your daily life. Read More

Christmas Holiday Retreat

(Bring A Friend – GET €100 OFF)

Christmas Holiday Retreat

This retreat is ideal to indulge into yoga and meditation without compromising on your holiday time during Christmas. The morning yoga and meditation will restore your energy and prepare you to benefit at the best of this holiday dream location. The ocean and the endless beach, colourful markets, lively villages will donate you a new and memorable experience every day. Read More

Guest Yoga Retreat

By joining the guest yoga retreat we will host you in our School for a minimum of one week and we will offer you the opportunity to join some of the classes held during our teacher training course. The classes which will be open to you are: mantra, pranayama, asana and meditation. In addition you may also join yin yoga and yoga nidra, if they apply to the week that you have chosen. Read More