Menstruation is the period that is painful, uncomfortable & exhausting for most women. That’s why it is said to avoid exhausting & rigorous activities during this time. But not all women feel the same during this period. Some women feel the same as during their normal days, some feel guilty, or they develop negative emotions due to pain & spasm. It is time to nurture and heal the body and mind. So, the purpose of yoga during these days will be to make you calm & peaceful.

The main reason behind avoiding yoga during these days is that the menstrual flow is downwards away from the center of gravity so if we do inversions then the flow will be redirected against towards fallopian tube & it may tubes or may cease periods.


  • Inversions: Pose where the head is towards the floor & leg upwards. It includes headstand, shoulder stand, handstand.
  • Deep twists: Deep twists like fish pose should be avoided as it involves your pelvic region which is already in pain so why to exert more strain on these areas.
  • Backward bends: Deep backbends like bow pose should be avoided as it can disturb the reproductive organs.
  • Deep core work: Arm balances like boat pose, four limb pose & scorpion pose should be avoided during this period as it can cause more contraction in the downward region.



  • Pranayama: It helps to balance emotions & keeps the body & relaxed. It can help you deal with pain. Deep breathing helps to reduce all strains of the body hence Anulom-Vilom, Bhramari, Ujjayi are all useful practices.

  • Child’s Pose: It is a resting pose for many yoga classes. It stretches back muscles & helps to relieve back pain.

  • Forward Fold: Standing forward fold pose lengthens spine & stretches hips & hamstrings. It is very beneficial in easing the pain in the legs & lower body.

  • Cat/cow pose: It warm-ups the body. It acts on the abdominal & helps in relieving menstrual cramps. It stretches & tones abdominal muscles.

  • Savasana: This pose is to be done at the end of every yoga class. This resting pose helps in relaxing the body by bringing the body to a normal temperature.