Yoga poses for a healthy lifestyle

Yoga is one of the best solutions for losing weight. In the present world due to poor eating habits, lack of sleep, more work pressure, etc. are leading to obesity issues. As people don’t get much time to take care of their body severely various health issues are found in them, overweight is one of them. A survey was performed and it was found that a huge number of women are suffering from the problem of overweight as compared to the men. So by practicing yoga, the problem of overweight can be resolved .yoga effects the body slowly but helps in maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of yoga for an oversize person:

The various benefits of yoga are:

  • It improves the digestion problems
  • Yoga helps in relieving the body pain
  • It also helps in enhancing the flexibility of the body
  • Yoga helps in the problem of blood pressure due to overweight
  • It also reduces the stress that is the main reason for gaining weight
  • Yoga also calms the mind

 Yoga poses for oversize women.

Some of the yoga poses for the plus-sized women are given below. These are proficient in losing the weight.

1. Knees –to chest pose:

This pose is also known as Vatayanasana.

Benefits of the pose:  This pose helps in giving the excess air in the stomach and intestines. It also improves the digestive system and strengthens the lower back.

How to do the pose: For this pose, you need to bend the keen, then interlock the fingers and wrap the hand around the knees and press it to your chest. You’re your left leg straight on the floor; toes should be pointed upwards, left heel reaching out for the wall ahead of you. The right knee should be pressing the chest.  Repeat the same with the left leg.

2. Cat and cow pose:

This is the combination of two poses.

Benefits of the pose: it is best to pose to lose weight as it works on the abdominal area.

How to do the pose: For doing the pose, the person needs to place the hand on the thigh and sit up tall. Followed by the exhaling and inhaling process that should be coordinated with a lower-body that is pulling abdominals into the spine, tuck the tailbone under and tucking chin into the chest. Keep the upper body as it is and pushing the mid-back toward the chair. Pose you need to inhale the breath, allow your belly to move forward, arch your back, keep your head parallel to the floor. Be in the same position for some time. Repeat 2-4 times.

3. Child’s Pose:

This is also known as the Balasana. This is one of the beneficial poses for losing weight.

Benefits of the pose: this pose work on the lower area of the body, it stretches the spine along with the abdominal organs. It also reduces stress.

How to do the pose: For this pose you need to sit on the floor in kneeling position, the top of feet should be on the floor. The buttocks should rest on the heels. Fold the abdomen to the thigh, the back should be straight. Exhale the breath and get forward to the hips .stay in the position for some time. Repeat it for 3-4 times.

4. Pigeon pose:

This is again a very amazing yoga poses for plus size women.

Benefits of the pose: This is the effective pose of losing the abdomen fat and for thighs; it helps in toning the legs.

How to do the pose: Begin on your hands and knees. Slowly bend your left foot and bring it forward, pass from the middle of your hands. Lean your left heel on your inner right thigh. Now extend the right leg and lean on the toe. The hip should face forward. Stay in the same pose for some time.


For plus-sized people exercising can be a difficult task to do. But these poses of yoga are much more beneficial as they are easy, can be done in the home, and at any time according to the person. It will help them to lose weight and stay fit and healthy.