No doubt that yoga is a practice that helps us to keep our brain and body fit.

Yoga is the main system that is still alive for more than 15,000 years with no requirement or papacy. It has lived and survived on because it has filled in as a procedure of prosperity like nothing else. Even though today it is being educated in a simple or even twisted way, regardless it perseveres. Numerous things come and go back with evolving fashions. However, yoga has lived for a large number of years, and it is still in progress.

So, What is Yoga? The word ‘yoga’ originates from the Sanskrit word for ‘association.’ It implies the relationship between the soul, body, and brain. Asanas, or postures, breathing techniques known as meditation and pranayama all consolidate to reinforce the Yogic personality body-soul association.

How Does Yoga Help?

Uniting the brain, body, and soul is an alternate method for taking a gander at wellness. Asanas practice the body while meditation and pranayama help to reduce stress and relax. This improves all aspects of life. Energy is expanded, and the brain is clear, engaged, and ready to be progressively imaginative.

Who Can Practice?

Another contributing element to the prominence of yoga is that anybody can do it. It is a legend that yoga is for youthful, adaptable individuals, ladies, or some other gathering: judgment and rivalry conflict with the basic standards of yoga. Asanas can be changed to work around wounds or ailments, and there are even types of yoga for pregnant ladies. The objective is to sharpen the body and psyche and feel better at the same time.

Why is yoga so much more popular with women as compared to men?

Since ladies are normally increasingly adaptable, it’s a reality. The individuals who have you trust generally are tricking themselves. It’s no big surprise you see women sitting leg over leg, and now and then even in Vajrayana (thunderbolt posture) on seats in workplaces, cafés, airplane terminals and somewhere else, while it is such an uncommon sight to see men sitting in similar positions except if they are in-your-face yogis.

A female associate at work who I used to sit beside when lifted her advantages and said: “Ah, sitting with folded legs is so agreeable.” I rationally said “Truly?? How, with the consistent force you feel on your thighs? How is that position loose?” Sitting in what I call ‘Indian style’ positions (which are all, in fact, yoga asanas) is not a weight for ladies, they happily get into that position since it feels decent.

You will have likewise seen that female Youtubers frequently sit on the floor when recording/conversing with the camera, while you will never observe a male YouTuber doing likewise. He will quite often be perched on a seat with the camera on the table. As per Maharshi Patanjali, “Sthira Sukham Asanam,” which means, whichever position in which you are comfortable as well as steady, that is asana.

Yoga is Not an Exercise

Yoga must have practiced in an extremely gentle, subtle way, not in a compelling muscle fabricating way since it isn’t about exercise. The physical body has an entire memory structure. On the off chance that you are eager to peruse this physical body, everything — how this universe advanced from nothingness to this point — is composed into this body. Yoga is a method for opening up that memory and attempting to rebuild this life towards an extreme plausibility. It is an extremely inconspicuous and logical procedure.

Men would consider getting into such positions senseless when we’re not doing yoga. Why pointlessly placed ourselves in inconvenience? For the normal man, sitting Western-style, with our legs down, is any damn day increasingly agreeable as we discover comfort in extending our legs instead of ‘cuddling up’.

You may state “Men also can build up that ability if they practice” Well, that is the point if we practice, while ladies can accomplish similar adaptability without being genuine yoga specialists. Yoga resembles a healthy food which suggests a flavour like broccoli to men yet has an aftertaste like sweet to women.

Yoga for women:

In reality, as we know it where ladies would now be able to do pretty much anything and are busier than any time in recent memory, yoga has turned into an extraordinary instrument for adapting to the weights of cutting edge life, while improving by and large fitness and health.

We realise that a portion of the general advantages incorporates expanded strength and flexibility, improved focus and rest, help from pressure and tension and parcels more – however, there are numerous different reasons why ladies specifically should rehearse yoga.

A body and brain of women experience numerous progressions for an amazing duration – in puberty, motherhood and pregnancy, old age, and menopause. Each stage requires an alternate dimension of consideration, understanding, and awareness.

Menstruation & Pregnancy:

In Yoga, women who are pregnant or menstruating are encouraged to rehearse various sequences or poses to the customary class. The body and brain are in the other state during these occasions, and it’s therefore that we stay away from reversals, shut stomach turns, strenuous back twists, and hand adjustments during menstruation.

Benefits of Yoga for Women:

A daily yoga practice can allow women to:

  • Developmental clarity and emotional stability
  • Balance the hormones
  • Avoid menstrual disorders
  • Optimize reproductive health
  • Deal with the physical tensions of pregnancy
  • Promote good circulation
  • Prepare for childbirth

Coming to practice, men and women have various objectives – if you take out every one of the people who exercise for weight loss. Men exercise to be muscular and strong. Ladies do as such to be toned and slender. Yoga as an activity doesn’t help with building up; however rapidly is condition and thin. Women are also very health-conscious, and they can go to any extent to stay fit and fine and look beautiful. Henceforth, yoga is more popular among women as compared to men.