There are innumerable things that we can learn from Yoga. It depends upon the learner as well. The more you practice the more you explore & learn. Yoga changes your body & mind. This change takes time i.e. It is a journey, not a destination which will be reached overnight. Hence, each & every small step will take you to the endpoint of the journey.

So, let me share with you some lessons which I have learned from yoga:-

  • Be consistent: To perform any pose properly we must practice every day. Hence, yoga teaches us to be consistent in life no matter whatever is the goal. We must practice regularly to achieve the desired results.
  • Hard work always pays off: We have to work hard to perform every pose in the correct manner. Sometimes we may feel that there is no improvement but as I said earlier yoga is a journey, not a destination hence we must not get disappointed as every small step will make us reach our goal. Hence yoga teaches us a lesson which can be applied in a practical life situation that hard work never goes in vain & results are certainly achieved.
  • Discipline: Yoga is a discipline as a yogi has to wake up early in the cold winter morning. Yogi has to come out from the comfort zone for doing yoga. Hence, in real life as well if a person has to stay away from the crowd then he or she has to be disciplined & sacrifice amenities.
  • Hold your emotions: Yogi does meditation every day. He has to focus on his breathing & has to stop his mind from wandering. It is very difficult to meditate but with practice, we can gradually learn to control our emotions. So, yoga teaches us to control anger, frustration, and revenge & proceed ahead by forgiving people.
  • Patience: We are a goal-oriented society who wants things fast. Making money in meager time, winning awards, and achievements are extremely important to us. We become impatient & give pain to our dear ones for achieving those goals. So the idea of strict, short-term fitness goals can create real problems in the mind and body. Becoming too concerned about achieving the goal can create anxiety, impatience, tension, and even anger – all things we clearly want to avoid. So, be patient take small steps & maintain those to get rid of the pressure.
  • Balance work & life, take out time for yourself: We are running for success, getting a good appraisal. Youngsters are seen working for 10 to 12 hours for making money but at the end, they are spoiling their health. Hence, yoga teaches to love you take out time for your own life, health & family as well.
  • Accept that no one is perfect on this earth: Can you tell me one person who does everything right for the first time? Perhaps there is no one. We learn a lot from our failure so from next time whenever you fail to accept nobody is perfect & don’t get disappointed.
  • Enjoy community around you: Whenever we do yoga with a group of people we feel good & share our experiences with others. So, yoga teaches us the feeling of togetherness & enjoy with people of every age.