Drop-In Yoga Classes in Goa


In addition to our Yoga Teacher Training Course held at our Ashram, we also offer drop-in yoga classes. Our classes are full of energy with experienced teachers to help guide you through your practice and encourage growth in your yogic journey. You will experience a spiritual essence with a strong basis for growth with complete passion. Our teachers will guide you towards proper understanding and correct approach to the postures.

Our Drop-in classes meet the needs of students at all levels through the focus on alignment and form. Beginners can build a solid foundation while more experienced students will refine and strengthen their practice.

Classes begin with mantra chanting to help create mental stillness and concentration and is followed by gentle stretching exercises to prepare the body for postures. Each class includes an opportunity to practice sun salutations and various Hatha asanas. Support is provided through adjustments, demonstrations, and explanations of postures. Classes conclude with meditation and a healing massage, which aids deep relaxation.

There is no need to book, just arrive 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to prepare yourself. 

Class Duration: 90 Mins

Fee: Rs. 400 INR Per Class

7:30 am – Morning Class
4:00 pm – Evening Class

Dates: We don’t have specific dates for the drop-in classes. You can join us anytime for the drop-in classes in a duration of our regular courses.