It is difficult to set yoga in daily life but remembers that even 10 minutes of yoga can have positive benefits for your physical & mental wellbeing. It is not necessary to devote an hour two every day, we can start by practicing 10 to 20 minutes every day. So, to make yoga as a habit we must be disciplined. Discipline is necessary to achieve something that gives a big and drastic result.

Yoga is a self-imposed discipline. As yogi has to wake up on cold winter morning & decide to step on a mat. When we start a practice initially it is not easy but later it becomes part of daily routine just as brushing teeth. Here are some easy ways to incorporate yoga into your daily routine.


  1. Reserve your 10 to 15 minutes every day for yoga: Try to block your 10 minutes every day for yoga. You can wake up 10 minutes earlier or go to sleep 10 minutes later. It can be practiced during the evening before snack time to stretch the body & to relieve the body from stress. It has been observed that to develop a good habit we just need to be consistent, if a task is done for 10 days consistently then it becomes a part of your routine.
  2. Try to meditate: I know it’s difficult to meditate. Whenever we try to meditate we are filled with preconceived ideas or our mind wanders. But, we can remain in silence for few minutes after doing pranayama & concentrate on our breath. The best time to practice this is during morning or night in silent place when we can’t be distracted by anybody else. These moments will allow increase your inspiration & reduce your stress.
  3. Expect gradual progress: It has been well said that “Rome was not built in a day”. Hence, we cannot achieve perfection in few days our body muscles will gradually stretch & its elasticity will increase. Don’t be disappointed if you feel you are not progressing at all. Give it time & don’t miss your practice as it will have a positive impact on the rest of your day.
  4. Make a weekly schedule of different asana: Set up a sequence of different asana & try variations of asana on different days of the week. This will help you enjoy yoga & keep you from getting bored. You can start your practice with pranayama, and then warm up with hand & leg rotations. Then you can progress with sun salutations. Always end up with Shavasana or relaxation pose. Try a mixture of easy & difficult sessions with short & long practice timings.
  5. Practice during your leisure timings: You can practice meditation & pranayama while watching TV. You can try stretching poses while sitting on office chair this will improve blood circulation & avoid body aches caused due to stagnant posture.
  6. Spend time with other yogic people: Try to associate yourself with people who love to work out, so that you will be inspired. Once you are motivated avoid missing work out days & this will keep you away from making excuses for missing work out.


Precautions & tips for beginners:

  • Read yoga especially meant for beginners in journals & watch online videos this will help you to do asana in a proper manner.
  • You can join classes for yoga beginners this will inspire you to work consistently with other members of a class.
  • Always relax & keep your mood stable as any task done with bad mood will not give you optimum results.
  • Know your limits & don’t try to overstretch which can injure you.