Do you want to increase your self-confidence? The answer would be obviously yes. Confidence is trusting in your decisions, believing in your abilities, and being okay with your limitations. It’s liking who you are and this makes others feel good. Yoga mudra benefits practitioner in various ways, it can increase your confidence as well. Yoga has enormous benefits right from improving posture to making body resistant to diseases. Yoga can make us become more flexible & be calm in unfavourable conditions. It has been believed that there are 7 major chakra or nerve plexus in human body. The “Manipura” chakra or the solar plexus chakra is located in abdomen between naval & breastbone. It controls self-esteem, digestive power, mood & emotions. Opening this chakra will help a person to get in touch with your inner will. Hence, it makes one more confident to face different situations that we face day to day life.

How can yoga help increase your self confidence

In our daily life we often come towards a situation when we don’t want to stand out of the crowd as we fear of being ridiculed or being ashamed. In this case we lose many of our valuable opportunities. Our insecurities are due to lack of confidence. Without confidence we lack the initiative to perform tasks which are beyond our safe zone & our fear conquers us. Thus, yoga for confidence is the best option to strengthen self-esteem. It can build self confidence in following manner:-

  • Yoga makes body active: By performing set of breathing exercises more oxygen enters muscles & it makes muscles more active. Different stretches & asana also gives body a toned appearance. Thus, better appearance also gives confidence.
  • Yoga makes us realize our limitations & potentials: Yoga helps us in understanding tasks which are possible at our end. It makes us aware about our potential. Hence, it helps in erasing negative thoughts from mind & building positive energy. Thus, we become confident as & when we realise our limitation & capabilities.
  • Yoga calms mind: Yoga relieves a person from stress & frustration by relaxing mind. With the help of a set breathing & meditation exercises oxygen is circulated in mind & body. Thus when a person is free from stress self-confidence increases as you no longer have to worry about not able to deal with problems, because you are aware that you are prepared for it.
  • Yoga improves body postureRegular practice of yoga improves body posture & helps you look great. Thus, body feels more energised & which in turn increases self-esteem.


seven-chakras - Yoga For Confidence

Picture showing seven chakras of human body