Humans have been searching for various methods through the years which could help them heal their physical and mental concerns. Gladly many techniques have been found to improve the stress of our lifestyle, but most of them turn out to be heavy on our wallets and time. Our current lifestyle is so hectic that nobody has even the time to keep an eye on their health which is supposedly our priority. First, we ignore the importance of our health and then spend a fortune on medicines and health supplements. All the hustle and bustle go in vain when at the end of the day we have a worn-out system.

Yoga is the most effective means when it is cure health troubles due to the old age factor. In fact, those who practice yoga on a regular basis, never feel gripped into old age diseases. It is easier to fight back health issues at a young age but what about the senior citizens? Caring for health at an older age is twice tougher and essential, but the right habits can help a lot to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The one method that excels it all is Yoga.

Physical change in Body with Increasing Age:

  • Weaker immunity
  • Loss of muscles and tone
  • Lack of sleep or sleeping disorders
  • Bad effects on bones
  • Loss of body muscles flexibility sometimes causing diseases such as arthritis
  • Loss of elasticity in the lungs
  • Troubles with the circulatory system
  • Nervous system disorders such as tremor
  • Sensory and cognitive impairment
  • Psychological problems like anxiety and depression

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian art that heals your mind, body, and soul by revitalizing all your senses. It is a medium to tranquilize a human’s physical and spiritual concerns through meditation and exercise. Yes, Yoga can be perceived as a balanced blend of meditation and exercise that makes you physically fit as well as spiritually calm at the similar time. It comprises positions known as Asanas, practicing which you can achieve a healthy mind and soul. Can you believe Yoga Asanas can even benefit your organs? Yoga is the gift of our ancestors that helps rejuvenate every corner of the human body. Whether you are a non-believer of religious traditions, Yoga has been certified as an effective method by scientists to improve your system.

How Is Yoga Beneficial for seniors?

At a young age, it is easier to maintain the desired health you want to through heavy exercise routine and diet, but what is disturbing is to know after a certain age you cannot move your limbs however you want to. Even if you think you are capable of handling your health your inner organs might not work in a similar way it did at a young age and at that point in time, no amount supplements would be capable enough to bring back your vitality. Simple Yoga Asanas can help a lot more than you think. If you start practicing Yoga at a young age, then it will benefit you more, but starting any day would help.

Yoga consists of easy body movements that senior citizens can simply practice daily. Yoga offers bodily and spiritual balance to a human that is the key to a healthy lifestyle at an old age. Studies have shown a wide spectrum of health benefits Yoga can contribute some of them given as follows

  • Yoga helps in reducing stress. Yoga works as a kind of meditation which needs thorough concentration. It results in reduced levels of stress generating hormones known as Cortisol.
  • Seniors who suffer from common illnesses such as Diabetes, High blood pressure, breathing problems, and anxiety can incorporate Yoga to control each one of these to a lot extent.
  • Physical ailments as arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone or joint-related issues can be a real pain in life. Yoga has a great therapeutic effect on such infirmities.
  • It calms the mind and opens up your thoughts which refresh your mind. At an elderly age, it is easy to attract depressive thoughts when you are incapable of doing your own work, but now, it is easier to fight those with the help of Yoga.

Inner Peace & Good Health

Yoga is much more than just a few sets of poses; it has been showing its friendly effects on a large chunk of masses through years. There is a valid reason for which Yoga considered an intangible cultural heritage by experts. For sure it has its roots from a religious backdrop, but the demand for good health seeks no boundaries. We all know that after a certain age our health deteriorates and that calls for drastic measures as soon as possible. Yoga is that solution to fight back severe ailments and acquire your most valued inner peace with a gift of good health. So emerge yourself in the glorious world of Yoga and receive the virtue that is good health!

In addition to specific asana practice, We suggest consuming vegetarian food. A vegetarian diet reduces heart problems, cancer, etc like life-threatening diseases. Vegetarian diet contribute to adding years to life and thus Yoga practitioners always recommend for a vegetarian diet