It has been seen that most of the women & men are suffering from infertility these days. Infertility leaves a woman depressed & hopeless. She has to bear taunts from society. Both the partners are engulfed by the feeling of self-pity. There are many causes of infertility: – the first & foremost is stress. Tight schedules, excessive workload & thirst for appraisal have given rise to a stressful life. This stress affects hormones, which in turn affects reproductive organs. Besides stress, uneven lifestyle, excessive use of pesticides & fertilizers in food products are contributing to this problem. Lots of line of treatment is available in medical science, but all these treatments are painstaking & very expensive as well. Even after spending money & time we don’t get the results then we get depressed which in turn increases the problem. Yoga for Childless Couple, It is a miracle for them. Yoga is a complete solution to this trouble. By doing certain asana regularly many problems of women such as irregular menstrual cycle, PCOS, fibroids in the uterus, blocked fallopian tube can be cured in 3 to 6 months or maximum a year.

How yoga cures Infertility:-

  1. Reduces body fat: – Proper body weight increases the chances of conceiving. Yoga helps in burning calories & shedding extra pounds.
  2. Helps in overcoming stress: – Stress affects hormone secretion which in turn affects sperm production in men, & monthly cycles in women. Yoga reduces stress & reduces the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol.
  3. Keeps ovaries & reproductive organs healthy: – It softens the abdomen & circulates blood to the fallopian tube, ovaries, etc. Reproductive organs are activated as oxygen reaches to these organs. Hence, they function properly.
  4. Increases energy flow: – Yoga increases flow energy in the body by activating the 7 chakras or nerve plexus.
  5. Detoxifies the body: – It helps in eliminating toxins from the body which enhances fertility.
  6. Works on your immune system: – Yoga boosts the immune system & increases the number of white blood cells that fight against diseases & keeps the body healthy. A healthy body can conceive easily.

Yoga for infertility has been divided into pranayama & asana. Let’s first check Prananyaam for curing infertility:

Pranayama for curing Infertility:-

  • Anulom-Vilom Pranayama: It calms & relaxes the mind so that the mind is free from stress. It makes the body fertile so that person relaxes & can approach with a fresh mind for conception. For details please refer website: –
  • Kapalbhati Pranayam: It enhances the quantity & quality of reproductive cells. It increases sperm count in semen & its consistent practice can remove a cyst from ovary & fibroids from the uterus.

Following are the steps of doing this pose:

  1. Sit straight on a mat with legs crossed in Padmasana position.
  2. Take a deep breath through both the nostrils, until the lungs are filled with air.
  3. Now exhale forcefully through the nose so that abdominal muscles will be drawn inside. When you inhale abdominal muscles will rise.
  4. Continue exhaling up to 5 minutes so that 1 breath should take 1 second.
Kapalbhati Pose

Kapalbhati Pose

Bhramari Pranayama (Bee breath): The Bee breath instantly relieves the body of tension, anger, and anxiety. The humming vibration of bhramari activates the pituitary gland which secretes reproductive hormones. This hormonal balance, in turn, keeps your body healthy for conceiving.

Following are the steps of doing this pose:

  1. Sit on a mat in comfortable position Padmasana asana with spine erect.
  2. Now close your ears using thumb & eyes using middle fingers.
  3. Inhale deeply, fill your lungs fully.
  4. Then exhale slowly & simultaneously make a humming sound from the throat.
  5. While performing this step concentrate on a point situated between eyebrows on the forehead. Have faith & feel as if you are getting rid of your illness.
  6. Repeat this step 5 times & then increase as per your convenience.
Bhramari Pose

Bhramari Pose

Udgeeth Pranayama: Udgeeth Pranayama is good to cure depression, insomnia, lack of concentration, and other brain-related problems. Relax mind helps make the proper hormone secretion which in turn helps in conceiving. It is the easiest pranayama.

Following are the steps of doing this pose:

  1. Sit in padmasana with spine erect.
  2. Inhale deeply & fill your lungs completely.
  3. Then exhale through nostrils & chant om so that sound of o is much longer than m (i.e. oooooom).
  4. Repeat this 3 to 5 times & then increase the number of repetitions gradually.
Udgeet Pose

Udgeet Pose

Baddha Konasana (Butterfly exercise): This asana improves flexibility in the hip region & genital areas. It increases sperm count. It aids ovaries to function properly. This also in easing delivery, if practiced till late pregnancy.

Following are the steps of doing this pose:

  1. Sit straight on a floor with spine erect. Now bend your knees & try to make your feet as close as possible so that soles of both the foot touch each other.
  2. Hold tightly both your feet with your hands.
  3. Keep breathing normally & start flapping your legs like a butterfly by bringing thighs up & down.
  4. Perform this asana for 5 minutes & then increase the time gradually.
Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose

Asana for curing Infertility:-

After doing pranayama asana should be done.

Mandukasana: It is also known as Frog Pose. It is good for a person suffering from diabetes. It works on reproductive organs & stimulates the production of sperm in males & ovary in females.

Following are the steps of performing this pose:

  1. Sit in the vajrasan pose. Now keep your left palm on navel & then right palm on the left one.
  2. Inhale deeply & then while exhaling bend forward & try to touch your forehead on the ground.
  3. In this position, your hands should be pressing your abdomen. Try to bend as much as possible.
  4. Try to hold in this position for 10 to 15 seconds. Then slowly come back to the previous position while slowly inhaling.
  5. This is known as Mandukasana I.
  6. If in the above pose you make fists of both hands. Then touch both the thumbs together and place this joint of thumbs on your navel. Press both of your fists are against your abdomen when you bend forwards. This is Mandukasana II.
  7. Repeat both Mandukasana I & II four times.

Shashankasan: It is also known as Hare Pose. It increases memory & concentration as well. It gives stretch to the spine, back arms & shoulder muscles. It activates reproductive organs which in turn facilitates conception.

Following are the steps of doing this pose:

  1. Sit in vajrasana pose with your spine & neck straight. Keep both the palms on your knees.
  2. Close your eyes, if you are a beginner you can perform with eyes open.
  3. Take a deep breath & raise your arms up from the body & stretch them.
  4. Now exhale slowly keep your arms straight & touch them on the floor. Try to touch your forehead on the ground & chest, the abdomen should lie on your thighs.
  5. Stay in this position for 10 to 15 breaths.
  6. To come in beginning position first raise your head then hands & rest other body. Sit in vajrasna.
  7. Repeat the above steps 2 to 3 times.
Shashankasan Pose

Shashankasan Pose

Ustrasana: This is also known as camel pose. It improves conditions of the digestive, respiratory, endocrine, skeletal & circulatory systems. It cures menstrual problems. It cures disorders related to ovary, testis & prostrate. For details please refer website: –

Kandhrasan: It is also known as Shoulder Pose. It helps in curing disorders of genital organs. It is good for women suffering from menstrual disorders. It also helps beat vaginal discharge due to infections and increases lubrication within the vagina. Hence, it helps in increasing fertility.

Following are the steps of doing this pose:-

  1. Lie down on your back in Shavasana pose. Then bend your knees so that your knees are perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Now try to touch ankles of both the legs with both hands.
  3. Now inhale deeply & simultaneously lift your waist, abdomen & chest. Keep your head, shoulders & feet touched to the floor. Stay in this pose for 15 seconds.
  4. Come back to the original position by exhaling & keeping your waist, abdomen down on the floor. Release both the ankles & come back to Shavasana pose.
  5. Repeat this asana 3 to 4 times.
Kandhrasan Pose

Kandhrasan Pose

Sarvangasana: It is also known as Shoulder Stand. It circulates blood against gravity in the head & facial region. As a result, stress is relieved & it hence it enhances conception. It helps in regulating thyroid & pituitary gland hormones. For details refer to the link: –

Halasana: It is also known as Plough Pose. It corrects the sexual and semen related problems like premature ejaculation, spermatorrhoea effectively. It helps in curing menstrual disorders. It helps in maintaining the elasticity of the spine. It circulates blood to the facial region. For details refer to the link: –

Shavasana: It is also known as resting pose. It helps in relieving stress & anxiety. It is done at the end after completing all asana. It relaxes muscles. It calms & distresses the mind. Stress is considered as the main enemy of health & hence if stress is relieved all body organs function properly. For details refer the link: