Once I was imagining myself as if I was an invisible person, who was able to move anywhere in the world. I was developing my fantasy for the welfare of the people and country, to be able to remove their sufferings and stress. If I got this power, I could first eradicate the corruption, I would help people in different ways, and likewise it was going on and on; until, one thought came to my mind that even if I got this power, will I be able to help people to remove  their sufferings completely, can the stress factor be removed?  Even if all these external problems, like corruption, poverty, etc. would be eradicated, still, can people be happy?

I found the answer in one-word NO.

I have met many wealthy people and found they are suffering for different reasons. I have met many middle-class group people and found they are suffering for different reasons. I met many below middle-class group people and found that they are also suffering for different reasons. These realistic experiences give a glimpse that money or comfort cannot remove or eradicate the suffering and stress of the people. Even if a poor person starts earning money, gets all the comforts- relieve from stress and suffering will be just momentary & soon the suffering or problems will surface in his/her life in different forms, because the root of suffering is somewhere else.

I feel if we want to overcome the state of suffering in a true sense then there is only one way, i.e. to experience the state of WISDOM. Suffering on the mental, emotional level in the form of stress, anxiety, restlessness is our conditionings. Suffering is our mental state, our ignorance and it has nothing much to do with external affairs, whether it is the removal of corruption, earning the money and comforts, etc.

These external aspects of life are important and it comes under our Purushartha (efforts) BUT until and unless we harmonize our internal aspect, the experiencing happiness, in true sense, is not possible.

Now the question arises that how to experience the state of Wisdom. The state of wisdom is not as such which can be experienced through intellectual knowledge or mere logical thinking nor it can be experienced all of sudden.

Wisdom takes place gradually. It has a closer connection with the emotions than the intellect. It has closer connection with faith than logic. I think faith is our foundation, and if somewhere in life, we are able to get a glimpse of transcending the logic, we can experience the faith. Still, the question remains here, how to experience Wisdom? As far as my understanding and the answer is concerned, the process of wisdom starts taking place in our life when we come under the shelter of YOGA.

Once someone asked Swami Satyananda, the founder of Bihar School of Yoga, that can a person reach spiritual realization without practicing Yoga? Swamiji gave an honest answer. He said- “one can reach realization without yoga, but if he practices yoga, he can reach it much sooner.”

Walking, Swimming, Jogging, Cycling are good for health and these all should be done without any doubt. But if we are talking about experiencing Wisdom, then these things cannot transform a person. Yoga has the potential, if done properly, to transform a person, allows us to experience WISDOM, find the solution to come out of the sufferings.

Practice Yoga sincerely!

Prashant Pandey

Course Director

Upaya Yoga Center, Goa