Yoga originated in India, but today, it is something that is practiced all over the world. Yoga’s benefits for mental, physical, and spiritual health are renowned and as they are being publicized more and more, many individuals want to learn and practice the ancient discipline. As a result, the demand for yoga teachers is constantly soaring and if you want to be a teacher, you would probably want to know the steps you should take after your yoga teacher training is done and dusted.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of all the possibilities you should explore on your way to becoming a full-time yoga teacher.

#1: Become an Assistant

If you think you will land a permanent yoga teaching job with a great salary immediately after finishing your training, you are mistaken. For a person to be recognized by the world’s best yoga schools as a capable teacher, the most important requirement is experience. Don’t think about the money immediately after your training is over; think about learning.

The best thing to do is talk to the authorities of the yoga schools that are nearest to where you stay. Tell them that you have completed your yoga teacher training course and that you want to start your yoga teaching career as an assistant. While the money you will earn as a yoga teaching assistant will not be substantial, the experience you will gain will be of immense value in the years to come.

The best thing about becoming an assistant is that you will get to learn how to manage a classroom full of yoga students. It’s one thing to know yoga and another to know how to teach yoga to others and by becoming an assistant, you will learn the latter.

#2: Start Teaching in Your Local Community

Once you gather some experience as a teaching assistant, you should take it a notch further and start teaching in your local community. Once again, this step does not involve a lot of money, but it does involve gaining a lot of practical experience. You can use what you learn as an assistant to spread the goodness of yoga in your community.

Start slow and steady. A weekly class is not bad for starters and if you do well, you are sure to make a lasting impression on several people in your community. In time, you can expect more people to show up your classes, earning more experience in the process and also the respect of your students.

#3: Start Planning for Your Yoga Teaching Studio

If your ultimate goal is to be your own boss, you need your own yoga studio. But setting up a yoga studio requires planning and subsequent investments. When you get time out from your teaching assistant job and your weekly community yoga classes, you should slowly plan how your yoga teaching studio will be brought to life.

A lot of professional yoga teachers in today’s times convert rooms in their homes into full-fledged yoga studios with ambiences to match the ancient yogic disciplines and practices. For this step to be successful, you should try and get in touch with interior designers and your most trusted contacts in your yoga circles to seek their advice and counsel.

#4: Use Social Media to Tell the World about Yourself

The skills you learn and master on your way to becoming a full-fledged professional yoga teacher are things that the world should know about. Thanks to social media, you can share what you have learnt with the world and establish a solid presence as someone who is on his/her way to becoming a full-time teacher.

You can create content on YouTube and maintain your very own Yoga channel as well to show off your skills to the world. By sharing your content with your family, friends, and acquaintances, you will stand a great chance of earning a decent online following; something that will only help you create awareness among your circles about your aspirations and ambitions.

#5: Keep Gaining Qualifications and New Experiences

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to qualify yourself to add to your existing qualifications and also consider every option that helps you gain new experiences. Attend yoga workshops and conferences, be a part of the teaching staff at different yoga institutes catering to different audiences, and keep upgrading yourself as the times change.

Ultimately, your success or failure to become a yoga teacher will boil down to hard work and dynamism; the former depends on your character and the latter on how well you can adapt.

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