Yoga is a practice that has the power to transform lives. It can help in healing, changing and inspiring the masses. If you are a regular practitioner of yoga and if the thought of becoming a yoga teacher is crossing your mind for some time, then you must be looking for the perfect hatha yoga teacher training Goa program to go for. With more and more people becoming aware of yoga and its benefits, being a yoga teacher can be a reputable and decent job in the coming years. But you cannot rely upon any training advertisement you see on social media. Here, we will discuss a few factors that make the perfect yoga training in India.

Yoga Alliance Certification: Yoga Alliance is the international governing body that has set standards for constructing yoga teacher training programs. If you are serious about making a career in yoga training, then you must ensure that the program you are choosing is certified by Yoga Alliance. Otherwise, the training program will not meet the industry standards and you will also not qualify for insurance as well. Remember, choosing a training program that is not certified by Yoga Alliance would be a mistake, as it will diminish your chances of safe and sound teaching.

Course Syllabus: The syllabus of the course should offer a perfect balance of the subjects taught. A specific number of hours should be dedicated to aspects like anatomy, philosophy, history, posture labs, etc. However, each training program emphasises different areas of yoga, bringing their own style to the training. Study their course curriculum and find out how many hours they would dedicate to each topic. It is also important to prefer a program that is in a language that you understand.

Lineage: Before enrolling into a yoga teacher training program, make sure to talk to the trainers and ask them about the lineage of their yoga instructions. The yoga training that they provide may be inspired by Kripalu, Integral, Ashtanga, or Iyengar yoga traditions. It’s better if it has the name of ‘India’ somewhere. If the trainers are not able to source their techniques and practices back to any lineage, then probably it is not having the heart of the practice.

Course Objectives: This is an important thing what makes perfect yoga teacher training. Teaching yoga to students is very much different from teaching people to become yoga teachers. No matter how wonderful a yoga teacher may be, he or she may not have the skill to organise, structure and teach a training course. If the course does not have a clear structure and if it cannot define its course objectives, then it may not have the right educational backbone needed for robust training.

Class Size: As a trainee, you would want personal attention from your yoga teacher. Usually, there is a limit to the number of trainees that can be included in a class or batch. If the class size is not mentioned clearly, then you may end up enrolling yourself in an over-crowded class in which your trainers would not be able to focus on the individual student. Therefore, before you enrol into a yoga teacher training program, find out how many trainees they take per batch. The smaller the batch, the better your teachers will be able to concentrate on your skills on an individual level. They will identify your strengths and weaknesses and strengthen them while learning the asanas.

Credibility of the Instructors: Yoga instructor is the one who leads the training program, so they need to be knowledgeable and skilled, and fully versed with the yoga practice they are teaching. They must bring out your full potential and guide you right from the beginning till the end of the course. If you are joining a beginners’ level course, the right instructors will influence your yoga teaching direction a lot. Online searches can lead you to a good teacher, but you can know their credibility only with one on one interaction with them. The instructors should be friendly and approachable, and at the same time, they should know your yoga learning needs.

Location: This may not seem to be that important, but the location of your training will largely influence your capacity to learn new things. The external environment of your lass will have a direct impact on your internal well-being. So, it makes sense to find out where their location is and where they would conduct their classes. A training session conducted in an enclosed room would be very much different from the one conducted in a surrounding engulfed in natural beauty.

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