Yoga is an integral part of Indian lives. With yoga on the rise, the world market is overfilled with yoga classes and training courses. But, why is it different in India when you can do it from your home? There is a reason behind the increasing popularity of Indian yoga teacher training courses.

Why so many people prefer to get trained in India?

India is a land of vibrant colours, exotic cultures and vast landscapes. It is unlike any other country that offers a chance to breathe real yoga. However, the real sense of yoga has been made limited to the point that people mostly try to push their bodies to new limits. But it’s not.

Yoga is a holistic way of living that involves your body, mind and soul. Starting from a balanced diet to being healthy and fit, the yoga courses take you much deeper about how you live. It not only anchors us to live at the fullest but also helps us realize who we are.

It is always best to learn from the original source, as the real meaning mostly gets lost in translation. Whether you are a first-timer or a regular trainer, India always has several yogic insights to offer.

Lineage: Learn At The Birth Place of Yoga

India is the birthplace of yogic sciences. The origin of yoga dates back to at least 5000 years, and its first mention appeared in the Vedas. The land is full of such texts; from the ancient Vedas to the Upanishads, and the Bhagavad Gita. Yoga is deeply ingrained in the culture of India. Therefore, native teachers have an in-depth knowledge of yoga.

It is not just part of their physical practice but finds a deep root in their daily lifestyle. In India, you will get to live the rich culture and be a part of the glorious history of yoga.

Invest Your Time in the Ashram Life

India is a dream for many people willing to undergo yoga teacher training. It is because the land offers a traditional gurukul system of learning from gurus. Living in an ashram is a vivid experience that takes you deeper into your yogic journey. An ashram is a residential place dedicated to learning. Therefore, you will not find any unwanted luxury here. It will guide your day to a set of rules that are closely related to the yogic way of doing things. These rules offer the following benefits:

  • Inculcate new habits to your daily life
  • Bring a sense of balance between your body, mind and soul
  • Push you to go out of the comfortable zone-mentally, spiritually, and physically

Enjoy Superior Facilities At Moderate Prices

Another reason to choose India as your teacher training destination can be an affordable price. Usually, yoga teacher training demands a handsome investment. However, in India, you can enjoy the complete package at a minimal cost. The cost of living, food, and travelling is cheaper in India. Even if you opt to travel across the country including the flight and visa costs, it will still fit in your budget.

Chance to Re-Live With Nature

India has a dynamic landscape with an over-sized population. But that does not mean, you will have to struggle to fit in. As the native people of India are very welcoming, you will feel comfortable in no time. Coming back to the exotic nature and climate, India is full of diverse terrain and rapidly changing climate.

Most of the ashrams and training centres are bestowed with a thick cover of dense forest and a serene environment. This creates an ideal atmosphere for the trainees to practise yoga. The peace and tranquillity that you experience at the centre will drive you to an inward journey.

Be Part of the Yogic way of Doing Things

A yoga teacher training course in India will help you learn the most out of a yogic lifestyle. It will drive you to get up before sunrise, have a balanced diet, and to live a life full of yogic exercises and rest.

Here are the five vital elements of a yogic lifestyle:

  • Physical exercises called Asanas
  • Breathing practices known as Pranayama
  • Mindful relaxation known as Savasana
  • A vegetarian balanced diet
  • Meditation and positive thought process

A Lifetime Experience

Visiting India and becoming a part of the yoga teacher training can be a life-changing experience. As far as Indian yoga is concerned, it is quite different from any western nation and its practices. Learning yoga in India will make you understand the importance of community living and active participation with your fellow trainees.

The perspective of your life will not be the same after being trained as a Yoga teacher from India. Of course, it will pose challenges in front of you, but once you overcome them, the way to look at life will take a 360-degree turn.

At Upaya Yoga, we offer deep training courses to help you throughout your yogic journey. Not just that, our yogic centre promises to cultivate a flower of patience and vibrant energy inside you. Join our yoga training courses for the ideal transformation in your life.