The back is the most sensitive part of the human body. With busy lifestyles, a lot of us suffer from back pain. There are multiple reasons behind back pain. It might be due to poor posture from sitting the whole day or a weak core. These are two main factors that contribute to the discomfort and backaches. It’s at all times important to understand what’s the reason behind the back pain so that you can treat it and avoid it from happening again. However, in most conditions, doing some mild yoga may help reduce tightness as well as give your back some assistance.

For the majority of our lives, we don’t take care of as much we have to. But some times it is just about the life of everyone. Our backs remind and revolt us that they require some attention and love. Luckily, for many of us, the back pain is just short-term. But for many, it could be much more frustrating and much more debilitating.

So, to help you get relief from back pain, we are here with the top five yoga poses. Let’s have a look at them as follow:

1. Supine Twist Pose

A spine twist offers a large tension soothing to the whole back and the neck. You have to lay down, rest, and allow the significance to help you.

Lie down on your back and take your arms into a T-shape while laying on the floor. Now bring your knees near to your chest. Then slowly bring your both knees toward the left, maintaining the neck impartial or turning the eyes away from the knees.

During practice try to remain both shoulders over the floor. If the upper knee lifts extra, you can put a bolster or a block between the knees. Remain in the same pose between 1-4 minutes. Now repeat the same pose on the other side.

2. Cow/Cat Pose

With the practice of this simple pose, you can stretch your hips as well as the entire spine.

To practice, this pose begins on your knees and hands. During inhaling, raise your tailbone and chest towards the ceiling, as well as while exhaling, bend your back, dropping your head and pressing throughout the shoulder blades.

Continue as per the rhythm of your inhalation. Consider the muscles at your back, and get an additional pose that could feel fine for you today. Practice it for 6-8 slow rounds.

3. Downward Dog Pose

There’s a motive Down Dog is one of the main iconic poses in yoga. It can restore your whole body. Begin it in tabletop and lift your hips. Hence your body can be in an overturned V position. Rest your neck and head and depict your inner thighs in the direction of the back of the space. Distributing your shoulder blades separately will extend your upper back extra, and getting your hips up as well as the back will let you unbolt your lower back.

4. Seated Forward Fold Pose

It’s trouble-free to perform a Seated Forward Fold pose in a mode that won’t help you, but practicing it accurately can unbolt the lower back as well as provide relief from pain and stiffness. From a seated situation with your legs opened forward, contact for your ankles, shins, or feet, twisting at the hips. If this is hurting your back, then bend your knees as required.

5. Sphinx Pose

The Sphinx is the best pose for helping the spine and inspiring the sacral-lumbar arc. When we sit for more time, our lower back starts to flatten, and it might cause pain. Sphinx pose encourages the natural curve of the back.

Begin by lying at your belly, feet hip-width separately, and carry the elbows below the shoulders. If you are feeling too much weight on your back, then you can take your elbows a little forward.

If you would like a deeper curve, then put a block below the elbows. Stay in the same pose for 1-3 minutes. Rest on the floor as much as required, and afterward come to a child pose.


Your back is the support of your whole torso, so caring for it is important. If you have constant pain in your back, then it’s good to visit a doctor to check up and make sure that there is nothing more serious.