I am home now for almost 3 weeks and I still feel amazing.
There has been so much happened to me in my month at Upaya in Goa.
A lot of people ask me now; Did it bring me what I was looking for?
I can answer this question full with YES! And maybe more than that.
It’s very difficult to put in words, but I’ll try … ..
First of all …. I’m breathing again, both literally and figuratively, I live!
I found myself, I know who I am and what I stand for.
I gained so much more self-confidence.
In the yoga (poses, meditation, breathing etc) I find my relaxation and rest where I was looking for so long.
My head is quieter, but also my actions and even I think my talking.
I stopped fighting my limitations and could look better from a distance to my body and mind.
I’ve learned what your body and mind can respond to nutrition (great food at Upaya!).
Over 7 years I did not feel as good and happy as how I feel now!
I know how important it is to incorporate yoga in my daily life to keep me feeling as I feel now.
And of course, I’m officially certified yoga teacher by the positive completion of this 200-hour education.
Initially, I thought; I can never teach 90 minutes in 4 weeks, but the great team prepares you step by step and unnoticed, you get more self-confidence and learn how to build a lesson to 90 minutes.
I have a lot of plans and ideas for the future, but “there is no future”, as Krishna always said, I live in the now and hold on and expand further what I’ve learned in this wonderful journey, but also very intense weeks and there is something coming on my path that I am convinced of.
Thanks to you all, Prachi, Prem, Rajshree, Prbha, Chetan and Krishna
Namaste, Nathalie from Holland