I completed my YTT in Nov 2017 and really had one of the most incredible experiences. Everything about the course was great. Anil, Rohil and Prem were fantastic teachers and all taught in their own style. Mama Prachi ensured that no-one ever felt homesick and was always on hand to dish out a hug when things got hard. The food was varied and delicious. We were eased into teaching step by step so that it was never too daunting when we came to teach a full hour or 90 minute class. I left feeling confident and ready to teach on my own. I learnt lots of new things about myself mentally and physically and will never forget Upaya.
The only thing I would say for improvement is that it would have been good to be assessed on the 90 minute class to see if we had acted and improved on the 60 minute class feedback.
Other than that I could not recommend Upaya enough.