I spent 10 days at Upaya Yoga for a yoga retreat and it was an amazing experience!
The location, in a very quiet area but only a few steps from the beach, makes it the perfect place to fully enjoy peacefulness, appreciate nature and experience the yoga practice in a way that is very different from the yoga studios in the big, loud and busy western cities!
Attending philosophy classes in the Yoga Shala on the terrace on the ocean, sleeping with the sound of the waves and experiencing many different types of yoga and meditation, each one so unique, make you lose track of time and wish you could stay there forever!
Teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced and always willing to share their knowledge with love and a smile. Food is very nice, healthy and super fresh. Everyone there is nice and always willing to help, there is a sense of community and it feels like a family. There is a magical atmosphere there, a mix of peacefulness, kindness and happiness.
I am so grateful for this experience and I definitely recommend it as it’s the perfect place to make long-lasting memories.