TOG is designed as an intimate, intensive, space for WOMEN to identify, investigate and integrate stories, beliefs, shame & body stored traumas.

The cultivation of our basic primal needs is the foundation from which we develop a balanced, stable self-esteem and healthy understanding of love. These needs when unattended to, from birth &/or through adolescence, will sit in your roots as the source of all confusion. Unconscious patterning of oppression and (sexual) abuse may continue throughout one’s life experiences. We will meet these basic primal needs by re~starting at the foundation with the art of self~responsibility & care.

Rearranging your belief system and de~armoring the body as ways to create a heart~fulfilling life is a courageous task. Through this work, you will navigate a balanced, sustainable way of being.

The vision is to co~create and hold a supportive, non~judgemental, compassionate environment to expose your unconscious patterns buried within your current roles, behaviors and emotional reactions to life.

We will use breathwork, pelvic floor bodywork, self~inquiry, exposure in circle sharings & movement as tools for liberation! 

You will be pointed to silence as your strongest ally for remembering this greatest birth gift of gratitude; opening your heart for pure love, compassion and the ability to live a self-realized, creative and celebratory life.

The beautiful, pristine banks of the holy Ganga River outside of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India and our carefully selected venue Upaya Yoga Centre make for an ideal, peaceful setting for this transformative experience, nourishing all aspects of your body, mind, and soul.

Due to the intimate nature of these workshops, space is limited to 8 women. Please register soon, to reserve your participation. Look forward to seeing you!

For further details & registration please contact Chetana Barkan: or visit her website



Location: Upaya Yoga, Rishikesh, India

Price: $780 USD


  • 7-day retreat.
  • 6 nights accommodations ~ Twin share, bath ensuite, A/C, Ganga riverfront.
  • 3 Satvic meals per day.


  • International airfare
  • Airport transfers (approx 25 euro each way, can be shared between up to 5 persons)

Chetana Lauren Barkan

Chetana works with the BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Institute as session facilitator and training leader.

She birthed and leads “Tao of Gratitude”women’s trauma release retreats. Tao is specifically designed as a nurturing, compassionate, intensive space for WOMEN to identify, investigate, expose, and integrate/resolve all stories, beliefs, shame & body stored traumas.



Her innate connection to universal spirit, human conditioning, self-discovery, and awakening led to a profound lifestyle shift where inspired service leads the way.

Over the last 25 years, Chetana has been learning and sharing integrated mind~body~breath modalities and meditation techniques throughout the U.S., India, Bali, Peru, Thailand, China, Australia & Russia. She supports her sessions & groups with a strong, grounded presence in conjunction with an open, compassionate heart plus an abundance of humor.