Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a framework for community practice with unsurpassed quality in training. Our aim isn’t for students to graduate as mediocre teachers, we inspire practitioners to gain an in-depth knowledge of the program and understand the integration of all of its functions. The path of a yoga teacher is a challenging one. Our gurus at Upaya Yoga love to guide students with care offering tools for growth. Learning the curriculum is just a part of the teacher training program, we also put great emphasis on communication skills and practical work during classes so students have the perfect environment to explore and quench their curiosity throughout the process. Our team of teachers at Upaya Yoga are determined to make this journey a memorable one.


We believe that the path to connecting with a higher being begins by finding the inner sanctuary in you while adopting a yogic lifestyle. Our primary focus is on building strong foundations, for which we have on board some of the most highly skilled and experienced gurus in our centres.

The classes at Upaya Yoga are designed carefully, limiting to two a day, to keep pace with the progress of all students and ensuring that they are stress free. All classes are specially designed by our instructors to meet individual requirements prioritizing the balance of body, mind and soul.

Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga teacher training School in India offering 200, 300 and 500 hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa TTC courses, Retreats workshops at Goa and Rishikesh Centers.

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Yoga Teacher Training Course In India

  Nowadays, the real meaning of yoga has been mislaid in translation, sometimes even to the point that it becomes just only a physical exercise where everyone wants to push their bodies to unnatural limits. Yoga is a holistic practice that includes all aspects of life, including diet as well as the study of philosophy. [...]