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Yoga poses for oversize women

Yoga poses for a healthy lifestyle Yoga is one of the best solutions for losing weight. In present world due to poor eating habit, lack of sleep, more work pressure, etc. are leading in the obesity issues .as people don’t get much time to take care of their body severe various health issues are found [...]

5 Yoga Poses for Boosting Creativity

‘Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.’ – Franklin D Roosevelt The United States of America’s 32nd President in a simple statement explained everything about creativity. Creativity brings happiness to an active mind, it is characterized by newness and efforts and it brings achievement. Creativity is the act of [...]

Yoga poses to be avoid during menstruation

Menstruation is the period which is painful, uncomfortable & exhausting for most women. That’s why it is said to avoid exhausting & rigorous activities during this time. But not all women feel the same during this period. Some women feel the same as during their normal days, some feel guilty, or they develop negative emotions [...]

How to Work Yoga Into Your Bedtime Routine

Calming the mind and bringing the body to a relaxed state at the end of the day can be difficult. Yoga is a perfect activity to add to your bedtime routine to bring down your heart rate, relax tense muscles, and prepare your mind for uninterrupted sleep. Yoga is gentle enough that there are many [...]

Beginner Yoga Poses

Below mentioned are the yoga poses suitable for beginners: - Mountain Pose or Tadasan How to do it: - Stand straight on mat keep your feet together. Now take deep breath & lift up your hands, keep the biceps close to your ears. As you exhale bring back your hands to the floor. In this [...]

Chaturanga Dandasana

Introduction: Chaturanga Dandasana is also as Four-Limbed Staff Pose. It is actually a low plank pose in which a straight body parallel to the ground is supported by the toes and palms, with elbows at a right angle. In this pose the hands and feet are on the floor, supporting the body, which is parallel [...]

Relaxing Yoga Poses to Do Before Bed

Why do we need relaxing yoga? We live in a fast paced environment and our senses are always being stimulated, and that affects our nervous system. If we do not get a good night's sleep, we may suffer from aging faster than we should be. A good sleep refreshes body & makes body mind & [...]

Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Vrksasana is a tree pose which means you are standing with your hand raised towards the sky. Adho Mukha Vrksasana can be termed as a tilted tree pose where in your hands are supporting the entire body weight. This asana when done by beginners has to be done very carefully as balancing yourself on your [...]