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We provide Yoga classes for all ages and all levels of experience. Highlights, Children Yoga Classes, Pregnancy Yoga Classes. Learn TTC Yoga In Goa with Upaya. Which is a Yoga Alliance certified School. We are Best Yoga school in Goa India.

Yoga for Childless Couple

It has been seen that most of the women & men are suffering from infertility these days. Infertility leaves a woman depressed & hopeless. She has to bear taunts from society. Both the partners are engulfed by the feeling of self-pity.  There are many causes of infertility: - the first & foremost is stress. Tight [...]

Can yoga fight against ageing?

Wrinkles, sagging of face, laugh lines, crow's feet, double chins, and bags under eyes are some of the aging signs that can make us uncomfortable or even timid. Youthful & charming appearance is an indication of healthy mind & body. Similarly, a smiling face lightens the mood and impresses everybody. A popular study reveals that a [...]