Tantra Yoga

Tantra has become a reason to transform mundane experiences of life into a wonderful celebration. Tantra Yoga has two streams, a Buddhist stream called Vajrayana Buddhism and another which is quite popular is the Hindu Tantra, it has a many branches and schools. Some of the popularly known are Kashmir Shaivism, an blanket term for several schools that initiated in South India, some of them being the Kaula School, which considers the body as a means for moksha (liberation); Shakta school worships the feminine; and other drastic schools of Tantra which are known for sex-enhancing ceremonies. Most of these schools have a main focus, awakening the kundalini, which is the untapped and dormant energy in the form of a serpent lying at the base of the spine. Most of these Tantric practices aim at arousing this dormant serpent and channelizing it to move upwards through all of the seven chakras or energy centers which bring the body into a state of balance. […]