Pranayama Breathing Methods

Prana denotes entire natural life force and ‘ayama’ means to control or extend. Prana is the dynamic energy sought after by our physical and delicate layers, in the absence of which the body will perish. This is what keeps us active. Pranayama is the regulating of prana through breath. Pranayama plainly means to spread the dynamic life force, or prana, is an exceptionally rich exercise consisting of many breathing methods that vary in difficulty from ones easy enough for a child to those fitting only for advanced practitioners. Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutra, defines pranayama as a path by which you can disrupt your unconscious breathing form and create the breath stretched, easeful, and even. Mostly people’s unconscious breathing forms are anything but suave; they usually have a tendency to to be tense, superficial, and intermittent. Being afraid or hearing bad news, the reaction is a sudden gasp, breathe in and then holding the breath. Such breathing patterns can trigger the sensitive nervous system (quite often talked about as the “fight or flight response”). […]