The Pantajali Sutras

Yoga has so many branches, there are some that focus on devotion, others have a more rational approach, some that focus on karma (selfless service) while others focus on physical purification. The Pantajali sutras have an eight fold path (Ashthanga) which forms the basic framework. The Yoga Sutras are threads and consist of four books. Each of these threads of the Yoga Sutras is discovered as a part of a knitted cloth and every single maxim is simply a blotch of color within all of the design. You will get a better understanding of these sutras once you experience them yourself. This is a gradual process in which colors and patterns gradually become clearer until a design forms. This shape that Patanjali knits for us is a detailed narrative of the process of liberating our restricted ideas about ourselves and freeing ourselves.Each is of these eight limbed paths is a part of a holistic emphasis which in due course brings totality to the individual as they connect to the divine. […]