Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga, also known as Laya yoga, is the yoga of awareness. There is unutilized energy at the base of the spine, which can be drawn to awaken all the seven chakras. This untapped energy is called Kundalini, usually depicted as a coiled serpent. By slowly awakening this snake and using its power one experiences expansion of awareness and consciousness, physical and mental well-being transforming life to be healthy and happy. One reaches full enlightenment when this energy reaches the “crown chakra” which is at the top of the head. Breath control is the essence of Kundalini yoga, where the asanas are done with a breathing technique which amplifies the effects of the postures with the purpose of freeing the unused energy at the base of the spine, channelizing it to move upwards through all the chakras. These Kriyas (Kundalini sequences) maybe done either by vigorous repetitive movements or a steady pose in conjunction with a particular way of breathing. […]