1. Upaya Yoga is a family, a place to learn and share in a safe environment. We welcome you with open arms to our loving Yogic community with kindness and a positive mindset.

  2. We are situated with the river behind us and the beach in front. The perfect harmony with majestic sunrise and sun set yoga practices.

  3. The accommodation available at Upaya is a truly magical living environment. To support your long and rich days we offer all the luxuries you need for a blissful nights rest – comfortable beds mosquito nets, hot showers in every room. Choose from the garden huts or spectacular ocean view rooms. Air conditioning or fan room available. Something to suit all budgets.

  4. Safety is important to us here at Upaya, day and night, so we have staff members protecting the area 24/7.

  5. Our practice spaces have been uniquely created to enhance energetic flow. The design of our roof top shala is a sacred area holding true importance close to the heart of Upaya Yoga. Past Yogis have contributed to this magical space bringing it to life and colour. With each new group the energy increases. We welcome you to contribute in any way or form you desire.

  6. The course is designed to give you the confidence to teach as soon as you leave, if you decide to leave that is! Even if you don’t want to be a teacher, we aim to equip you with a strong practice that can be used anywhere in the world, in any situation. Yoga is a way of living!

  7. We offer workshops in various asana practices including Arm balancing, back bending, twists.

  8. Students will develop practices in Pranayama (breathing), Mantra (chanting), Kriya (Cleansing), Karma (selfless service) and Yoga Nidra deep relaxation techniques. So there really is something for everyone.

  9. Our teachers have diverse knowledge in all areas of Yoga. We are available 24hours to share our knowledge an experience. The course will bring ups and downs on all levels and we understand this process to gently to guide you through. Transformation is inevitable.

  10. We go far beyond beyond the physical practice of Asana Yoga and dig deep in to yogic & Indian Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurvedic medicine giving our students a true understanding of why yoga is so important in every day living.

  11. We love to meditate at Upaya Yoga, but understand one meditation is not for everyone. Thats why one day we could be swirling and twirling in the garden courtyard, the next we might mindfully with awareness walking to the oceans edge. So if its dynmaic dancing and release you are after, or sitting in energetic stillness, we have a practice to suit your style. Or maybe you will find a new one too!

  12. Upaya Yoga respects your space, with areas to relax in swinging chairs, garden or surrounded by comfortable pillows and cushions in the open air common area. We have times for silence and times for sharing. Listen to your inner voice and you will feel at home anywhere in the Upaya Yoga Community

  13. Finding your balance is important for us so, we make sure there is time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Arambol beach. Walking along the beach, exploring the indian markets, swimming in the ocean and enjoying local fresh juices are all foot steps away.

  14. We have professional cooks making healthy wholesome vegetarian meals. For us, eating is a sensory experience and can even be a meditation in mindfulness. Lets share and enjoy these pleasures together. If you want to share your love for food with us, the kitchen door is always open. Sharing is caring.

  15. We have Ayurvedic massage specialists available to rejuvenate and restore balance to you.
  16. The pricing of Upaya Yoga is affordable as we want to include everyone in the experience of growing the mind, body and soul. It really is a labour of love and sharing this gift with as many as possible. We do not sacrifice quality of any services we provide, but support the wider community, working together to give the best value for everyone. We are happy to work together to accomodate all of your needs. Please just ask!