Where We Are

  1. The location of Upaya is in itself, magic and unique. The location of our Yoga school in Goa is in itself magic and unique; we are placed in between the river
    and the beach indeed! Surrounded by lush coconut trees, during the early morning and sunset
    classes your senses will benefit of the beauty and energy of the nature, making of your practice at
    Upaya Yoga an unforgettable experience.
  2. Another reason for our ideal location is the surroundings of Arambol. The popular Arambol, beach, There you will find a wide variety of shops, lively restaurants and bars, colourful Indian markets and atm. Either you decide to relax on our beach or to stroll around, you will undoubtedly make the best of your free time at Upaya.

The cost of our teacher training courses and retreats correspond to the quality we offer throughout your entire stay.
Upaya wants to be something else than another economic initiative, which ends up commercializing the ancient knowledge and science of Yoga.

This School means to be a place open to any person who wants to experience the simultaneous growth of body, mind, and soul.To support and guide the growth of our students is an act of love and respect for the uniqueness of human beings. It is a gift which we aim to share with as many people as possible and, by doing so, we do not sacrifice quality on any of the services that we offer.