Any intense yogic practice requires balanced and rich nutrition. It is crucial to adopt the correct diet during the teacher training course and so to nourish body and mind at the best. We offer a healthy and delicious vegan diet. Our food does not contain any meat, eggs, or dairy with the exception of chai (the traditional Indian milk tea) and curd in the morning. We also serve seasonal finger millet bread (ragi bread), brown rice, cereals, and other ailments that are suitable for gluten-free nutrition. All the meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, are prepared daily in our School and are served as a buffet. We arrange a variegated menu to offer always a choice and optimal supply of all necessary nutrients (proteins, carbs, fibers).

We buy products available in the local market to guarantee the genuine flavour and the freshness of our ingredients. The dishes are cooked and combined together according to the Ayurveda principles. In other words, the use of the ingredients is selected in accordance with the season and the weather condition. So, the organism can adjust easily to the new environment, the digestive system is not overloaded, the mind remains alert and the body is light. The use of the spices is drastically reduced and dosed to maintain a cool mind and not to impede meditation.

Special care is also given to the water. Our drinkable water is pure and reaches in useful minerals. Our guests may enjoy unlimited filtered water and so also reduce the pollution of plastic bottles in the environment.

Read below what is normally served during our meals.

Breakfast: oat porridge, fresh fruit, curd, muesli, brown bread, seasonal finger millet bread, jam, peanut butter, brown poha, white poha, daliya, upma, chai, herbal tea, cow milk, soya milk, coffee.

Lunch: a rich variety of beans and lentils, sprout, tofu chunks, soya chunks, mixed vegetables, salad, hummus, potatoes, sweet potatoes, plain brown rice, plain basmati rice, chapati.

Dinner: a rich variety of soups, mixed vegetables, boiled vegetables, rice-based dishes, noodles, pasta.

A communal fridge is at disposal of the students, in the dining area, if they wish to integrate the meal with a little extra.

Saatvik Food