If you desire to become a yoga teacher, it can be quite stimulating and rewarding as well. You might have seen the endless row of Instagram pictures of a perfect yogi. But in reality, it takes much more than a flawless body and a lasting zeal. Teaching yoga is quite different than practising it.

In addition to that, there are specific conditions that are a must for yoga teacher training. However, it is open to all and anyone willing to invest time and energy can complete the training.

What we are discussing here is a certified yoga asana teacher course with superior skills. It is essential to keep this note in mind. However, this will not limit you merely to the physical aspects of it. Becoming a yoga teacher will add much more to your bucket. So, get ready for it.

What does it take to become an authorised yoga teacher? What are the preconditions for you to check before going for a yoga teacher training program?

The Longing to Learn and Educate Yoga Outweighs the Experience

The very first thing you need to have is a strong desire to learn. You can overcome any number of roadblocks; no matter how big, if you have the will to learn. You can seize anything you want as long as you have a firm desire. Your hunger to learn is related to your attitude. It is often seen that the newbie yogis become the most disciplined ones with the passage of time. They gradually grow and display outstanding results in their training.

Even a skilful yogi can be a newcomer in teaching yoga. This makes it even more challenging. Hence, many prefer to undergo a teacher training course.

Yoga Trainer Versus Yoga Counsellor

The role of a yoga teacher is unparalleled. You can find yoga counsellors and instructors anywhere, but an expert teacher can bring out the hidden spark in students. An expert teacher understands the psyche of a student and answers them to resolve multiple queries. This is the time when he shares the acquired wisdom and guides them in a personal way.

Becoming a teacher means to understand the students’ issues and help them. It is a lot more than just showing demonstrations and giving them instructions on poses. It is the duty of the teacher to help them grow body awareness and be there to save the students from any injuries.

Not All Are Same

Not everyone will be able to do the asanas correctly. That is where the need for a teacher arises and you can succeed as a teacher. Just by looking at the body, you will know what blocks your students from going ahead. To get hold of this wisdom, it’s essential to be a part of the teacher training course that will give you insights on yoga anatomy, mantra chanting, Kriya yoga and many more aspects. It might take time but you will discover the difference between a challenge and a limit.

Living as a teacher demands to look after your trainees, and target on their practice rather than on your own. This will give you an unmatched role in the training of your students.

Are You Good Enough?

Always go with an open mind and open heart to join the course. This will help you get the most out of it when you are learning with expert mentors. It might make you feel exhausted as the early starts and long day practices can tire you out. The course brings along the vast learning of yoga anatomy, mantra exercises, body cleansing practices, meditation, asanas, yoga sutras with Ayurveda and its principles.

So, it’s best to stay self-motivated and dedicated to complete the training course efficiently.

Take hold of readable texts to steer you up for a greater understanding. You also may need to offer support to your fellow trainees during the entire course. This will make you a part of an exclusive family that will make you smile, laugh and cry in unison. Do not overstress yourself as not every other day will be a testing time for you. The training in the commune will make you realize the power of togetherness.

Do You Belong To The Right Age?

Now, yoga is a practice for everyone regardless of his or her race, age or experience. All of us enter the journey of yoga at different stages. Therefore, it does not matter at what age you choose to be part of yoga teacher training. However, emotional understanding is something that is looked for in all students throughout the course.

As far as joining a yoga teacher training program is concerned, only you can decide when is the right time for you. People who discovered yoga in the latter half of their lives can very well collect a wealth of yogic experiences.

At Upaya Yoga, we help you to become the person that can lead. Confidence, awareness and a dose of patience are necessary for living an enriched life. So, don’t wait anymore if you want to live your life to the fullest. Join the yoga teacher training course and explore a world of unlimited possibilities