The five top reasons why you should join a yoga retreat in Rishikesh at Upaya Yoga.

  • Many people who are new to yoga sooner or later start wondering how it would be to experience a yoga retreat. This is a very important and delicate moment for a yogini as it means that his interest and curiosity are spontaneously growing in the search of a plus to his regular practice. To find the right place is then crucial, as the retreat could be the occasion for a new and trasformative way to yoga.Then why not opt for a yoga retreat in Rishikesh, the world capital of Yoga? Upaya yoga Rishikesh truly values all those ones who are keen to begin a journey inward. We provide the most caring and homely environment to induce serenity and calmness  into our guests. Relaxation is the first step in any authentic spiritual journey. We also guarantee the presence of skillful and conscious teachers, capable to support anyone fully and appropriately.
  • The fast-paced lifestyle of the western world is undoubtedly the second top reason for joining a yoga retreat in Rishikesh with us.  Whether you are satisfied or not with your life, it is likely that you do not get enough time for yourself. This is not your fault, this is the structure the majority of people have to embrace. However, something can be changed and addressed in a way which also values and respects your inner being and not only your productivity. In order to get there, you need to rediscover the true beauty and the real importance of personal relaxation. You need to claim the right to slow down for a more healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • A yoga retreat in Rishikesh at Upaya Yoga will give you the chance to practice yoga, meditation and breathing exercises at the best level. These are all tools to reconnect with the self and perhaps to have a glimpse of the union of body and mind. If these words sound like fantasy to you that is because most of us conduct their lives in the past or in the future. A cloud made of addictions, habits, fears, desires each day prevent us from appreciating the present moment: the only one where all we actually exist. To be eventually capable of being in the now you firstly need to reconnect with yourselves and restore your vital energy. 
  • How can all these things happen during a retreat?! They can happen if you accept to leave all the unnecessary behind to rediscover what it is essential and what it is real. A yoga retreat in Rishikesh at Upaya Yoga will give you the chance to experience a simple and pure lifestyle. Local vegetarian food, clean air, and silence. Our center is surrounded only by Nature: a river, mountains, and trees. We believe in the power of Nature; for those capable to feel and to observe another door will open.
  • We have finally reached the fifth top reason to join a yoga retreat in Rishikesh at Upaya Yoga. This is genuine that we invite you here, so you can then tell us how you feel at the end of your stay. Perhaps more flexible. Perhaps more relaxed and happier. Perhaps stronger and healthier. Perhaps more aware. Perhaps all these things together and perhaps by the time you leave a seed of rebirth will be grown within you.