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Prem Krishna

Prem Krishna – Founder & Teacher

The whole world is nothing but yoga. One thing is connected with the other. Constantly you are in yoga, either you are aware of it or not that’s all there is to it….Krishnaji
Krishnaji’s sheer determination and love for yoga has formulated in the shape of the Upaya Yoga Centre. He founded this yoga after delivering more than 3500 hours of yoga and benefiting people from many countries like the USA, Japan, China, European countries like Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, where he has personally travelled and delivered yoga training which has caused a positive impact on thousands of lives.
Krishnaji’s vision is to impart teacher training to its fullest depth and dimension so that his students become self-independent financially and also cause enormous good to the world in a wholesome way.

His life stands as an invitation for all the seekers of yoga to come and explore his teachings at one of the finest locations in Goa that offer a holistic blend and great enrichment.