With the introduction of technology in most quarters, everything is at the reach of our hands in the present day. We have found that we can get food and groceries delivered at the comfort of home along with other shopping which you may do online. It has changed the ways in which we interact with the world and soon it will extend its large maw over us and engulf us in its benefits and speed. However, there is one aspect that cannot be touched by technology in any century. There may be devices that can aid in this respect, but the actual field remains far away from technical values. And that field is fitness. You can never get fit by just lying on your back and checking out different types of fitness apps on your smartphone. And neither can you expect a loss in your weight if you have only bought a treadmill and are not running on it every day.

Therefore, even with the presence of online courses for fitness, you must try and avail of in-person classes. You can get a degree in yoga asanas online but it is the in-person learning which will make you a pro in this field. Are you still not able to decide whether to go with online or in-person yoga classes? Let us clarify your doubts by stating the pros of both in-person and online yoga classes.

Advantages Of Getting In-Person Yoga Training

This old-school method of getting yoga training has something to speak for itself. You must try to take up in-person yoga training for the following reasons:

  • In-person yoga training can help you to understand your flaws in a better manner and can help you to understand the different postures that are essential to be learned in a better manner.
  • It can help you with time management. For example, you can try to take the classes at a certain time of the day and adjust your daily schedule accordingly for it.
  • Yoga is one of the ancient Indian ways to maintain one’s fitness levels. It is very essential that you learn the Asanas well, as they are quite difficult to master. A wrong posture can lead to a pull of a muscle or a nerve which may render you inactive for life. This is the worst thing that can happen to you if you don’t take classes from a certified person in an in-person session.
  • Yoga teachers are compassionate people. They often act as therapists who encourage you to share the worst events of your life and overcome them with the help of the relaxing postures of yoga. It is possible only when you are taking the in-person yoga training.
  • Most of the poses that are taught online are not approved by a certified yoga teacher. There is a good chance you will enroll in a class and find out that it is being run by an inexperienced person who has no valid degree in yoga courses. After all, the internet is not always trustable.
  • Finally, if you are looking to make a career as a yoga instructor, there is no other way than getting in-person training. Online degree courses are also available for this purpose but most of them are not registered with the World Yoga Alliance.

Advantages Of Getting Online Training

Even though we are not suggesting that you take online training, there are a number of benefits that it offers. They are:

  • An online yoga teacher will let you choose a time slot for your session according to your schedule. The inept classroom learners can be benefitted from this.
  • The online training is very cheap. This is the major reason why many people are pursuing online training in the present day.
  • It can help you to know the developments of this field at regular intervals. It can also ensure that you are well-versed with cutting-edge developments in the technical field which will make sure that you are fit to follow the best regime.
  • You can customize your learning pattern with online yoga training.

Comparing Both

The benefits of in-person training outnumber the benefits of online training. We strongly suggest that a beginner takes up in-person training as it is very essential that one learns the basics of yoga properly. After undergoing a rigorous training session at the in-person level, one can take up the online classes in order to keep up their practice. However, If you are willing to become a yoga teacher, you can take the professional training from Upaya yoga.


Yoga is one of the oldest and the best methods to maintain one’s health. This ancient Indian way to maintain one’s fitness levels has proved to be helpful in recent times in order to reduce stress and increase the flexibility of the body. It is very essential that one invests in self-care as it is the best method to nurture one’s health.