Yoga is among the oldest yet most relevant techniques that help the body, mind and soul attain perfect health. There are many practices in Yoga that serve different purposes for overall well-being. Among them, Yoga Nidra is a popular concept that has recently earned recognition. This blog discusses this concept in brief, and its plus points toward a deeper and more satisfying sleep.

What Is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a variation of Dhyana or meditation that is used as a relaxation response in the brain. According to modern science, there are different states of brain activity depending on the number of thoughts that pass through in one second. Yoga Nidra calms the brain down from a hyperactive beta state to an ever-relaxing delta state in three gradual steps. In the delta state, the brain is calm and relaxed at a deep level.

However, this is not the final destination of Yoga Nidra practice. There is another level, the fourth stage, in which the brain enters a completely thoughtless state. In some versions, this is called the Samadhi state. It is quite rare to take your mind to this state, though if achieved, it can positively impact your whole thought system and hence your entire well-being. From the fourth state, the brain returns back to the waking state but in a completely refreshed and energetic manner, ready to welcome new information.

Benefits Of Yoga Nidra For Deeper Sleep

Yoga Nidra is not sleeping but a deep sleep meditation technique that helps all the body and mind processes, including the sleep cycle. Among the many benefits of Yoga Nidra are the following:

  • Helps you sleep better at night and wake up rejuvenated in the morning.
  • Helps you tackle anxiety.
  • Helps you tackle depression and other emotional concerns.
  • Helps ease menstrual discomfort in women.
  • Helps the body heal better post injuries or surgical procedures.
  • Helps tackle irregularities in the blood sugar level.
  • Helps maintain blood pressure levels in a normal range.
  • Helps improve immunity.
  • Helps tackle hormonal imbalance issues.
  • Instills a positive outlook on life.


To sum it up, Yoga Nidra is one of the most beneficial physical and emotional health practices. Of course, any practice in Yoga takes some time and patience to master and constant practice to get results. However, once you do it consistently the right way, it transforms your whole life for the better.

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