Yoga Practice

Yoga Practice

Most of the people are aware of the benefits of doing yoga regularly but very few of us are able to make a daily routine. To become firmly established in our practice, we must attend to it for a long time, without interruption, with full devotion & dedication. It is well said that “If you want to be a runner, you have to run and if you want to be a dancer, you have to dance.

Many people join yoga classes & invest in yoga mats & attire. But very few of them continue for a long time. Because they start facing challenges such as body ache, fear frustration & anger as they are not able to perform poses properly. It requires huge practice to make the body flexible for doing yoga.

But regular practice can make keep you calm, healthy & happy. So, it is too great to start your day with yoga. It can energize you without coffee.


Tips to start yoga practice:

  • Keep your yoga props ready: You will require yoga mat & yoga attire. You don’t need special yoga clothing. You can wear comfortable clothes.
  • Decide time for everyday practice:- It is good to start yoga in morning but if due to some reason you can’t practice in morning. You may do in evening but make sure that you are keeping 2 to 3 hours gap between meal & exercise.
  • Select a comfortable place: Yoga should be done in a comfortable & peaceful place. So that no one can distract you. While selecting place make sure that you get natural air as well so that it will help you in doing pranayama.
  • The change will be gradual not at once: Always expect gradual improvement from yourself because you will not be able to perform all asana in a few days. It will require time. Don’t compare yourself with others. Set your own goals & don’t get disappointed if you are not able to do any pose.
  • Practice on an empty stomach:- It should be practiced on the relatively empty stomach. It should be practiced 2 to 3 hrs after a meal.
  • Don’t push yourself beyond limits:- You know your body limits, don’t push yourself too much so that your body gets injured. It’s better to start slowly for at least 20 to 30 minutes & then you can increase yoga timing.
  • Be regular:- It is must be consistent in yoga practice, make it a part of your daily schedule. 20 to 30 minutes of yoga practice is more likely to show sooner results than 2 hours of occasional practice.
  • Perform with your family: You can include your family as well. Doing yoga alone will be boring. So, if you do yoga with friends or family members then you will feel the difference.
  • Always warm up before yoga:- It is must to do warm up exercise to bring your body in momentum.
  • Include different yoga asana:- You may start with sun salutation & pranayama. Then gradually once master then you can include standing asana, inversions, downward poses & backbends one by one.