The guest yoga retreat… Relax, experience, enjoy

The guest yoga retreat is the most flexible and relaxed formula offered by our School.

This yoga retreat is ideal for:

  • those who would like to experience the School before joining the training.
  • those who are in a pure holiday mood and do not want to commit to a busy schedule.
  • those who have extremely limited knowledge of yoga and are curious to give it a try.
  • those who would like to have a taste of communal living in a yogic environment.
  • and of course for anybody else who feels this is the right option for them.

By joining the guest yoga retreat we will host you in our yoga center in Goa for a minimum of one week and we will offer you the opportunity to join some of the classes held during our teacher training course. The classes which will be open to you are mantra, pranayama, asana, and meditation. In addition, you may also join yin yoga and yoga nidra, if they apply to the week that you have chosen. We allow you the freedom to decide daily how many classes you want to attend but we request commitment for a minimum of two classes which are preferably asana and pranayama/ mantra.

These classes are always in the early morning and will give you the right boost to begin the day at the best of your energy. We invite you also to benefit of our delicious meals as an opportunity to enjoy a healthy vegetarian diet along with many other yogini from all over the world. This yoga retreat is a wonderful opportunity to practice yoga with high skilled teachers; relax and recharge in a safe and stimulating environment; enjoy the beach life with no hassles and the maximum comfort!