We offer a wide variety of yoga courses and retreats and we want to make sure that everybody gains exactly what is needed. For this reason, the programs are well structured and each class is targeted to meet specific requirements and aims. The classes are diversified and measured to the overall level of the group and its progress during the training. Regardless of the number of students our experienced teachers know how to give the right attention and guidance to every single one. In another word, by taking care of the individual we raise up the group together. We are very much aware of the value of the group dynamic during teacher training.

The classes are always new and offer constantly fresh information and insights on yoga. Our teacher training courses are multi-style. They range from ashtanga vinyasa yoga to yin yoga; from hatha yoga to vinyasa flow yoga. Nevertheless, we focus on maintaining each class pure to avoid improper contaminations from one style to another. This approach allows the student to gain a clear understanding of the mains aspects and peculiarities of each style of yoga. This clarity boosts both one’s practice and his future development as a competent teacher.

The classes contribute to developing a strong physical and mental practice. The daily asana practice strengthens the body, improves the overall health condition and stamina. Day after day the beneficial effects unfold before the students. The training classes represent the time to understand and master the asana in any detail. They are complemented by special workshops and numerous alignment and adjustment classes. These represent a priceless opportunity for the students to deepen the understanding of the asana and their implications.

Read some of the main key points of our Yoga Teacher Training Classes:

  • How to enter and get out of the pose
  • How to transit from one pose to another
  • How to jump back and forward
  • How and when to use props
  • How to adjust safely wrong body alignments
  • How to avoid common injuries
  • How to use the breath
  • How to use the bandha
  • Special workshop on back banding
  • Special workshop on hip opening