Upaya Yoga is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and for safety precautions we have decided to start classes from 1st Oct 2020 onwards.Registrations are now open with exciting €500 discount for early birds.

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Are there any requirements to access the 300 hrs TTC?2020-04-23T07:16:35+00:00

We require the students to have obtained a 200 hrs Yoga Alliance Certificate and preferably some teaching experience.

Are there any requirements to access the 200 hrs TTC?2020-04-23T07:16:46+00:00

We require the students to have at least a basic level of practice and understanding of yoga; in addition to commitment and motivation throughout the whole course.

Shall I inform you in advance if I am heavily injured, in special health condition and/ or under severe medications?2020-01-18T11:46:27+00:00

Yes, you must inform us promptly before the booking.

Shall I be proficient in English to attend the training?2020-01-18T11:46:18+00:00

No, you don’t. You need to be capable to express yourself and understand English at an intermediate level.

Are taxis easily available and generally safe in Goa?2020-01-18T11:46:11+00:00

Yes, taxis run 24 h in Goa and they are safe.

Shall I carry extra cash with me?2020-04-23T07:02:33+00:00

You may bring a limited amount of cash for the first week and withdraw from the one of the atm afterward.

Shall I bring something in particular for my stay with you?2020-04-23T07:07:34+00:00

You may want to bring a good sunscreen, hat, mosquito repellent, beach towel. Overall, all ordinary items for personal hygiene, sim cards, snacks, and plant-based milk are easily available in the villages nearby.

Shall I bring my own yoga mat and towel?2020-01-18T11:45:41+00:00

We provide good quality yoga mats and all props for the practice. You should bring your own towel to be used in the Shala if you need it.

Are there any day off during the training?2020-04-23T07:22:08+00:00

Saturday is usually half-day and Sunday is a day off. We do not provide any meal these days.

Is there Wi-Fi?2020-01-15T11:29:56+00:00

Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi to all our students.

How far is the School from the beach? Is it safe to swim?2020-04-23T07:27:15+00:00

The school is on the beach. It takes one minute to be on the sand. Yes, it is safe to swim.

Do you offer free pick up from the Goa Airport?2020-01-18T11:45:26+00:00

No, we do not but we can help you to arrange your transfer safely and at a regular price.

Am I allowed to extend my stay at the completion of the course?2020-04-23T07:21:06+00:00

Yes, you can stay longer and each extra night will be charged separately. The night of the last day of the course is also chargeable.

When does the course start and when am I supposed to arrive?2020-04-23T07:22:03+00:00

The course starts on the first day listed on this website for each selected month. You may arrive on the same day in the morning or one day earlier. In this case, the night is included in the package.

Is your School recognized by Yoga Alliance?2020-04-23T07:32:30+00:00

Upaya Yoga is recognized both by USA & UK Yoga Alliance. We deliver to the participants the corresponding certificate at the completion of the course. The first copy of the certificate is free of charge.

Should I purchase all the books on the required text list?2019-12-18T11:39:41+00:00

No, we recommend that you purchase some of the books for reference and read them prior to the training. If possible bring them along with you.

Will I have free time during the training?2019-12-18T11:39:26+00:00

Yes. Please refer to the course schedule.

What reference name and contact number should I use to get my tourist visa?2020-04-23T07:32:34+00:00

You can use our center name “Upaya Yoga” as a reference name and contact us to get more details about the contact number and email id.

What type of Visa should I apply?2020-04-23T07:32:28+00:00

We request our participants to apply for a Tourist visa only! Under the immigration laws of India, you cannot get a study visa by registering for these short-term courses. Visa duration will start from the date of the issue! For most of the countries, a basic Tourist Visa is valid for 6 months but do check with the Local Indian embassy, it may differ.

I’m assuming I will need an adapter to charge my iPad? What is your plug-in voltage?2020-04-23T07:36:30+00:00

Electrical sockets (outlets) in the Republic of India usually supply electricity at between 220 volts and 240 volts AC. I will recommend you carry a universal adapter along with you.

Can I buy recommend the book at your center?2019-12-18T11:30:36+00:00

Yes, of course. We will arrange to buy the book for you from the nearest local market. It will cost you around 12 EURO.

Can I have a library at the Center?2020-04-23T07:04:04+00:00

Yes, please feel free to borrow books from the library, if you would like to take it to your room we kindly ask to log it in the checkout book.

Can I takea bath alongside the beach or river?2020-04-23T07:05:34+00:00

If you know swimming, then yes. You can enjoy swimming on Arambol beach. Our center is 30 seconds walking distance from Arambol beach (SEA).

What facilities include within tuition fee?2020-04-23T07:06:20+00:00

The cost includes accommodation, three vegetarian meals per day (except Sunday), unlimited filter water, full tuition. Our both centers have Wi-Fi facility. You can enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi.

How many people can stay in sharing?2020-04-23T07:09:03+00:00

Generally, we accommodate a maximum of 2 people in sharing. But in Goa, we have few rooms large enough to accommodate three people in a room. You can buy accommodation as per your budget either in the sharing or private room.

How many types of Accommodation do you have at the Goa Center?2020-04-23T12:40:13+00:00

At Upaya Yoga Goa, we do have EcoHut, Non-Ac Room, AC room & AC Apartment.

What is the nearest Airport name from the “Upaya Yoga” Goa Center location?2020-04-23T07:17:36+00:00

The nearest Airport’s name is “Goa International Airport, Dabolim”. Our center is 35.8 miles away from Goa Airport. It takes a maximum 1 hr 30 min to reach our center from the Airport.

What is the Address of the “Upaya Yoga” Goa Center location?2020-04-23T11:13:21+00:00

Upaya Yoga Center, Cola Beach Road, 403702 Cola, South Goa, India

Do you provide Free drop service at Airport?2020-04-23T07:17:19+00:00

No, we don’t provide free drop service at the nearest Airport. You will have to pay for it. Regarding your demand, we can arrange a taxi for you. It may cost you 25 EURO to 30 EURO and the taxi driver can accommodate a maximum of 4 passengers.

How many extra days will we allow staying complimentary beyond course dates?2020-02-20T04:59:39+00:00

You can reach one day prior to the course schedule start date (Check-in time: 11.00 AM).

How do I secure a place in the training?2019-12-18T11:16:35+00:00

Please register with the online application form and deposit the advance money as the second part of the registration form. Afterward, your place will be confirmed and a confirmation email will be sent to you by Upaya Yoga.

Will I have the opportunity to teach classes during the training?2019-12-18T11:16:42+00:00

Yes, you will have the opportunity to teach with your fellow trainees under supervision from a senior teacher.

Do I need to follow any ethical guidelines?2019-12-18T11:16:47+00:00

Yes, there are some simple guidelines to help create a sattvic (yogic) environment, conducive to study and learning. Trainees in residence are expected to be cigarette, drug, and alcohol-free and are asked to maintain peace and not to disturb others.

Is the training an asana intensive?2020-04-23T07:23:55+00:00

No, the training is not an extreme yoga asana intensive. It is designed as playfulness in the Yoga asana and Theory course that is focused on achieving a holistic knowledge of yoga and gaining the skills necessary to teach yoga to others with awareness and understanding.

Do I need other qualifications or experience to be accepted into the training?2019-12-18T11:17:11+00:00

Not necessarily.

I follow a different spiritual path (or I don’t have a spiritual path), is this ok?2019-12-18T11:17:19+00:00

Yes, Yoga can only deepen your own spirituality, if you are not spiritual you may start to be spiritual.

I have a background in physiotherapy, can this yoga training enhance my career?2019-12-18T11:17:45+00:00

Definitely. Your knowledge of yoga postures will greatly support your clients.

I am already a yoga teacher, will this course be of help?2019-12-18T11:17:57+00:00

 If you are a teacher already this course will definitely enhance your teaching skills.

How many teachers do you have?2019-12-18T11:18:05+00:00

We have a group of experienced teachers.

How many students are in the training?2019-12-18T11:18:14+00:00

We can accommodate 20 to 24 students in each training.

What kind of certificate will I receive after the completion of the course?2020-04-23T07:27:20+00:00

You will receive a YOGA Alliance (USA) certification and the International Yoga Federation recognized certificate.

Is there any age limit for this training?2019-12-18T11:18:29+00:00

At any age, you can start your Yoga training. Age doesn’t restrict to learn and practice yoga. We have taught up to 70 years old students at Upaya Yoga. So, don’t worry about the Age factor. Our expert Yoga teachers will facilitate yoga postures for you to learn and practice it.

If I am not flexible enough, can I enroll?2019-12-18T11:18:36+00:00


If I have an injury can I still enroll?2019-12-18T11:18:43+00:00

Yes, but you need to inform us in advance of the details of your injury.

How will the Asana classes be conducted?2019-12-18T11:18:49+00:00

It will be a fusion of Hatha Yoga of Sivananda, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar based teachings.

I don’t have any knowledge of yoga. Should I go for the YTTC 200hrs Course?2020-04-23T07:27:18+00:00

Our 200hrs YTTC course is designed for the beginner. So, there is no problem if you are complete in-cognizant with the Yoga. We help you in learning and practicing it.