Christmas vacations & New Year both are very near so here is a new way to enjoy your winter vacation by doing yoga. The best reason to stay consistent with yoga is that it will be much easier to start New Year 2017 strong.  If you take two weeks off, chances are you’ll spend the first few weeks of January recovering from your holiday debauchery. So in order to avoid guilt and regret over resolutions that you won’t keep its better to practice yoga during holidays.

What is Yoga & why should I do during holidays:

It refers to a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation. Yoga promotes body & mental control. It helps soothe the mind & lower stress level.

With in all holiday parties you will be eating high carbohydrate food hence yoga will help you to drop your calories. Consistent practice of yoga will make you stay away from holiday hangover & hence you will be able to start New Year strong. Yoga is the best way to heal injury & it is well said that a sound body posses a sound mind. Hence, your mind will be able to function positively if you have a sound body.

Why Goa is best place for Yoga in winter:

Goa is a tourist place situated in southwest of India. Goa, due to its natural scenic beauty, abundant greenery, attractive beaches and temples and churches with distinctive style of architecture, colorful and lively feasts and festivities, above all hospitable people with a rich cultural has an ideal tourist profile. The winters in Goa are not so cold & those are pleasant with moderate humidity. Goa has short winter season from mid December to February. These months are marked by nights of around 21 °C and days of around 28 °C. This is the perfect time when Goa witnesses one of its most popular festivals Sunburn besides Christmas & New Year. That’s why maximum tourists visit Goa during this time & relax themselves on the beaches. So, if you want to visit Goa in winters you will have to book your hotels in advance since this is the peak season. The best part would be you will get huge companions to enjoy new place & perform yogasana with them. Goa is the emerging yoga hub, after Rishikesh it is the best place in India to learn yoga. Goa itself hosts a range of excellent yoga teachers, many who have settled here from other places because of its peaceful landscape as well as the exciting prospects of emerging as a new-age hub for healthy living.