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Eight limbs of yoga and their meanings

"Yoga" originates from the Sanskrit word Yuj, which can be converted into "union" or "yoking." When a yoga educator in training learns the real meaning of this word, it is frequently encouraged that in yoga, we are commending the association of our psyche, life elements. What is frequently precluded is the motivation behind why it's [...]

What is differences between Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga?

When you think about yoga, you're most likely considering Hatha. Even though there are a lot of yoga studios that offer Hatha yoga classes close by progressively outlandish sounding practices, for example, Ashtanga or Kundalini, in all actuality Hatha yoga is an umbrella term for the physical routine with regards to yoga. Vinyasa, as well, [...]

How to overcome anxiety through meditation and yoga?

Stress, anxiety, fear – if we begin including each one of those occasions in life when we experienced these feelings, we may lose count! Anxiety is about a test result or the response of our parents to the report card; tension about a job interview or the first date – we as a whole would [...]

Yoga helps become more mindful

Yoga is a physical, mental, and profound practice that began in old India. It wound up well known in the West in the twentieth century. The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word Yuj, intends to burden or tie and is frequently translated as "association" or a strategy for control. A male who practices yoga is [...]

Why is yoga so much more popular with women than men?

  No doubt that yoga is a practice which helps us to keep our brain and body fit. Yoga is the main system that is still alive for more than 15,000 years with no requirement or papacy. It has lived and survived on because it has filled in as a procedure of prosperity like nothing [...]

What is the true yoga purpose?

  To deal with the real yoga purpose, it is helpful, to begin with, the derivation of the word itself. If you somehow managed to ask ten yogis about the one question, "What is yoga?" you would presumably find ten different replies. They may likewise have ten unique styles of yoga practice since yoga is [...]

Deepen Your Meditation Practice

  How to Care for Your Soul and Deepen Your Meditation Practice Individuals can meditate for a long time, or even years, with the little outcome, essentially because they have overlooked the basics, believing that such basic practices are just for the merest beginner. Restlessness, particularly mental disturbance, is the major barrier to more profound [...]

Do you think your Body Shape is not perfect for teaching Yoga?

You take a gander at all the yoga magazines, and most of the women are thin. Not thin only but skinny as well. There are heaps of ladies who are normally thin, who are sound and solid and eat genuine sustenance. Be that as it may if those magazines are the rules for doing yoga, [...]

How to Find Inspiration for Creating Yoga Sequences

As a yoga instructor, I'm certain you've made sense of that there are numerous approaches to build up the arrangements for your yoga classes. In any case, listen to this: the majority of the ways require exertion. Furthermore, how about we are genuine, now and again you simply don't have room schedule-wise/vitality/inventive get up and [...]

Meditation Practice

How to Care for Your Soul and Deepen Your Meditation Practice Starting Your Meditation Practice, How Long Should I Meditate? If you are new to meditation, I recommend starting slowly. Start with just 5 minutes each day. Gradually increase the time over several weeks. Here's a little truth bomb for you. You have a soul. [...]