Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a framework for community practice with unsurpassed quality in training. Our aim isn’t for students to graduate as mediocre teachers, we inspire practitioners to gain an in-depth knowledge of the program and understand the integration of all of its functions. The path of a yoga teacher is a challenging one. Our gurus at Upaya Yoga love to guide students with care offering tools for growth. Learning the curriculum is just a part of the teacher training program, we also put great emphasis on communication skills and practical work during classes so students have the perfect environment to explore and quench their curiosity throughout the process. Our team of teachers at Upaya Yoga are determined to make this journey a memorable one.


We believe that the path to connecting with a higher being begins by finding the inner sanctuary in you while adopting a yogic lifestyle. Our primary focus is on building strong foundations, for which we have on board some of the most highly skilled and experienced gurus in our centres.

The classes at Upaya Yoga are designed carefully, limiting to two a day, to keep pace with the progress of all students and ensuring that they are stress free. All classes are specially designed by our instructors to meet individual requirements prioritizing the balance of body, mind and soul.



How To Incorporate Yoga In Daily Life

Yoga In Daily Life   It is difficult to set yoga in daily life but remembers that even 10 minutes of yoga can have positive benefits for your physical & mental wellbeing. It is not necessary to devote an hour two every day, we can start by practicing 10 to 20 minutes every [...]

5 Tips Before Starting Your Yoga Teacher Career

5 Tips Before Starting Your Yoga Teacher Career   Training to be a yoga teacher appears to be the ultimate life-hack. The question you might be asking yourself is ‘Am I good enough to become one myself?’ Of course, you are! Yoga is for everyone and, as long as you are able to pass on [...]

Prenatal Yoga

What is Prenatal Yoga: Yoga which is designed for pregnant women which can reduce complications & ease childbirth or can increase labour pain tolerating capacity is called as Prenatal Yoga. Prenatal Yoga can be done right from the 1st day of pregnancy up to the due date. It consists of a set of breathing exercise, [...]

Yoga for Childless Couple

It has been seen that most of the women & men are suffering from infertility these days. Infertility leaves a woman depressed & hopeless. She has to bear taunts from society. Both the partners are engulfed by the feeling of self-pity.  There are many causes of infertility: - the first & foremost is stress. Tight [...]

Strengthen Immune System by Yoga

Environmental pollution, adulteration in edible items, excessive usage of fertilizers in crops & stress has weakened the immune system & as a result of which we battle with fever & cold every another day. Feeling tired whole day is also a sign weak immune system. Physical activity may help flush bacteria out of the lungs [...]

Yoga Asana To Increase Height

Can yoga increase height really or it just improves your posture so that you appear taller? It is the most frequently asked question related to height. The answer is yes yoga can increase height & improve posture as well. Our height depends on length of our bones & bones can grow up to the age [...]

Can yoga fight against ageing?

Wrinkles, sagging of face, laugh lines, crow's feet, double chins, and bags under eyes are some of the aging signs that can make us uncomfortable or even timid. Youthful & charming appearance is an indication of healthy mind & body. Similarly, a smiling face lightens the mood and impresses everybody. A popular study reveals that a [...]

Yoga for improving self-confidence

Do you want to increase your self-confidence? The answer would be obviously yes. Confidence is trusting in your decisions, believing in your abilities, and being okay with your limitations. It’s liking who you are and this makes others feel good. Yoga has miraculous benefits, it can increase your confidence as well. Yoga has enormous benefits [...]

Enhance Beauty By Yoga

We all are aware that yoga helps you to attain proper weight & stay fit. But besides health it we can enhances beauty by yoga. Yoga improves skin & volumises hair. Yoga encourages proper blood circulation as a result of which body cells get proper nutrition & toxins are flushed from body. The downward facing [...]

Enjoying Christmas vacations by doing Yoga in Goa – India

Christmas vacations & New Year both are very near so here is a new way to enjoy your winter vacation by doing yoga. The best reason to stay consistent with yoga is that it will be much easier to start New Year 2017 strong.  If you take two weeks off, chances are you'll spend the [...]