We have all heard about the challenges of a stressful life, and there are many innovative solutions incorporated to bring about instant relief and help gain better traction in any given situation. Yoga practice is often touted as one of the best solutions to tackle stress. Yes, indeed there are many benefits of practicing yoga in stressful life. Here are some primary ones:

Meditations Helps Calm Down

Yoga incorporates a range of exercises that involve deep meditation and completely cutting off one’s conscious bearings from the outer world in the tryst to seek inner awareness. As you concentrate on the gradual exhalation and inhalation that is underway while sitting quietly in a place for at least 15-20 minutes, you will be able to shut out the outside influences and gain oneness with your inner being. This will help you in garnering the strength to accept challenges and tackling them with ease and precision without any additional strain. The peace that you achieve not only calms you but also helps you motivate in taking on bigger challenges.

Increased Blood Flow

Stress is also associated with the body preparing to tackle a crisis. It is also associated with irregular blood flow and increased damage to the heart. Yoga, on the contrary, helps improve the blood flow in a regulated fashion, increases the oxygen supply and calms the body’s response system with the help of the relaxation exercises. This essentially works in a therapeutic manner in bringing back order within your body and helping you regain the energy and strength lost in the daily struggle of our urban, competitive and deadline driven lifestyle to a great extent. The increased blood flow to the heart also helps it maintain regular contraction without working overtime to manage crisis

Regulated Breathing

Visualize yourself after a big run, you are thirsty, panting, out of breath and badly in need of a cool energizing drink. Well, this is exactly what happens to your body as you jump from one stressful situation to another through the course of the day. Your body experiences an adrenaline push coupled with short breathing. Yoga helps you build greater resistance to crisis like this and get a better grip on your breathing which in turn calms you down.

Controls Blood Pressure

Another scourge of our modern stressful lives has been hypertension and high blood pressure. Yoga incorporating many breathing techniques and exercises aimed at improving blood flow gives you the armory to tackle this situation and live a relatively healthier life. The grip on your blood pressure will also help you tackle stress better.

Relieve Depression

Depression is another bane of our modern lives. Almost every second person you meet might complain of some symptoms of it. Perhaps the best way to fight it is Yoga. Depression stems from stress coupled with insecurity and lack of belief in oneself which again has its roots in the lack of inner happiness. Yoga helps you achieve this inner happiness and an acute oneness with your inner being. Not only does it give you the strength to tackle crisis better but also with added confidence which boosts your performance effortlessly.


Daily practice of yoga is crucial in a stressful situation as it is a one stop shop to achieve inner peace, happiness, calm and overall well-being.