Something very pure and very magical happens when a group of individuals with positive intentions decide to learn a profound physical art form, known as Yoga. Imagine the group for practising for Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, 200 Hours teacher training, or more to attain that perfection which can uplift their lives and expand their horizons to a larger extent.

Upaya Yoga, based in Norway has tried to bring together the happiness and joy of working together towards achieving greater fitness of body and mind with Yoga TTC in India. The main centre of Upaya Yoga is located in Norway and the Teacher Training program is registered with Yoga Alliance of USA.

Learn the Practices and Philosophies of Yoga

The program is touted to be one of the finest Yoga teacher training programs in recent years with foray into Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Yoga & Meditation Retreats, Daily Yoga Classes, Weight lose yoga and Yoga Workshops. The locations decided for the teacher training program will always enthral you, which are India and Europe. In India, they’ve chosen places like Goa and the foothills of Himalayas and in Europe, locations in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Spain. Both of the locations are known for offering peace and tranquillity to learn the practices and philosophies of Yoga.

Yoga has never been alien to us as it’s way of our life. It has been practices since ages and most of us have been doing us since we were small. Whether it’s the cat stretch that strengthens the spine or the wind relieving pose that boosts digestion, you will always see kids do some form of yoga throughout the day.

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training – Health Benefits

When practising Ashtanga Yoga teacher training, you not only improve overall flexibility but also the stamina and endurance. Moreover, this form of yoga also helps in building muscle strength, toning and strengthening the body. Thus, it’s often considered as a complete fitness program as it helps in enhancing the body’s endurance, strength and flexibility as well as calming and disciplining the mind and soul.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – Health Benefits

Hatha Yoga has many physical and mental benefits; after all, it was originally developed with the sole purpose of preparing the mind and body for higher levels of meditation. It increases flexibility and strength, improves muscle joint mobility, eases back pain, enhances balance, stamina and grace, improves the body’s endocrine, respiratory, digestive, circulatory and immune system. Also, as per a recent study Hatha Yoga is also said to benefit life threatening illnesses such as arthritis, AIDS, diabetes, asthma and obesity.

Upaya Yoga international was founded by Krishna Sharma, profoundly known as Swami Prem Krishnananda, who has a vast experience in imparting lessons in yoga under its different forms and styles. He is a certified Yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International India. His yogic art forms come out as a combination of Ashtanga, Shivananda and Hatha yoga. Krishna’s attraction towards the traditional meditation became strong when he started to attend the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune. Eventually he practices and hones his skills by attending workshops and teaching others in India.

Different Yoga Styles

Some of the very common Yoga style taught in the Teacher Training Programs are; Sivananda, Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Yin and Vinyasa Flow. The teaching staff consists of highly trained and qualified teachers who are well experienced with the Yoga philosophies, meditation and training. Some of the basic reasons why more and more people are getting attracted towards these Yoga Teacher Training programs is because of something extraordinary which only happen when you attend these programs. It makes a bond between your awareness and expands the horizons of your consciousness which would have taken many years to happen naturally. This transition of human physiology is a sign that why yoga is getting popular.

The Yoga Teacher Training Program consists of Yoga Anatomy which includes the knowledge on the human physiology so that the Yoga practices can be effectively used. Art of Hands on Adjustments are good especially to make your hands capable enough to handle all the pressure of your body, then there are techniques to practice yoga postures easily and sequencing a variety of yogic movements to derive maximum benefits. There are also training programs for beginners and advanced training pranayama techniques for learned participants. Special programs for learning Yoga Kriya (Yogic cleansing of human system), along with Kirtans and Meditation are the essence of these teacher training program.