She educated as a philologist and got acquainted with yoga 15 years ago in the Eastern philosophy about awareness, and now it’s her favorite work that inspires her every day!

She finished an Arial yoga coaching course in Ukraine and felt herself the positive effect of asanas in the air and also overcame her fear of heights. In an inverted condition the vertebrates are stretched, the brain is saturated with oxygen, and relaxation covers every cell of your body and mind.

After this she finished the instructional course RYS 200 hr. of hatha, ashtanga, and nidra yoga in the Upaya Yoga school. In her lessons, she pays attention on every person; She give optimal load and the maximum benefit from all exercises and also deeper understanding of philosophy knowledge about inner nature.

At lessons, she ensures her student’s relax, listen to their bodies to become joyful, rested, filled with energy, balance, and attain the best fun mood. The stresses of modern civilization are a strain on the nerves for which Yoga is the best antidote.